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The Zlurpee Bowl Forums have become the one-stop-shop for information on US tournaments especially those taking place in the Midwest. The original idea was to try and unite the different little groups of coaches and give them a place to come together. It has done that and much more, now offering advice to new tournament organizers and promoting any tournament that comes along.

These forums give a tournament organizer their own sub forums for their tournament so unlike on other forums they aren’t forced to put everything in one thread that becomes a pain to sort through. Having your tournament on the Zlurpee Forums also guarantees that you are advertising it to some of the most dedicated coaches that are the most likely to come to your tournament.  Why waste time and effort advertising to those who aren’t going to come?

Outside of the tournament areas, the forums have awesome general Blood Bowl discussion going on. As well as being the official home of the Zlurpcast and a great place to interact with the hosts of the podcast and a lot of the characters you hear us talking about, come and hang out on the forums and you will feel like you know everyone before you actually meet them at the next tournament you attend.

Over the years the forums have had a lot of community building activities, several legacy teams have been put together. Multiple FUMBBL leagues have been run, as well as one Cyanide league. The annual Fantasy Football league is always fun for those that are able to get into it.

One of the coolest parts of the forum is the Hall of Fame, that keeps tracks of all the awards forum member have won at tournaments, it is nice having someones credentials at your fingertips when they are offering you advice.

Registration has been a monster we are constanly trying to tame, if you are having any issues getting registered to the forums please email Xtreme directly and he’ll hook you up.

Make sure to include the username you are trying to get registered with and he will make sure you get on the forums asap.