Zlurpee Bowl



Zlurpee Bowl was created by Bryan “Xtreme” Mitchell, and is now one of the premier tournaments in America. It started from humble roots and has come a long way since then.

Each year something new is learned and makes the following year that much easier to organize. When things get easier, that provides more free time to try new things. With seven years of hard work getting the tournament to the point it is at now, Xtreme can’t wait to see what next year will bring at Zlurpee Bowl X

The ‘little’ tournament in Indy started out as a footnote to GenCon, but as far as Xtreme is concerned, it has far surpassed GenCon Bowl as the best tournament in Indy. But you wouldn’t want a Tournament Organizer to think anything less right?  Zlurpee Bowl currently holds the record for the largest attendance for an independent tournament in North America with 68 coaches. The growth of the tournament has been amazing, and can be attributed to the great coaches that attend each year. They take all their fun stories home and bring a few new coaches with them the next year. Zlurpcast has helped the tournament grow a lot in recent years, as now we aren’t dependent on coaches in the Midwest getting the word out, but we have the best Bloodbowl podcast in the world spreading the word.

The list of Zlurpee Bowl Swag items Xtreme has given away over the years is remarkable, and it brings him much joy every time he attends another tournament and notices someone using some of the stuff they got at Zlurpee Bowl. He takes a lot of time to try and come up with cool stuff that people will actually use each year. While there have been some giveaways that Xtreme may have struck out on, most of them have been met with excitement from the coaches attending Zlurpee Bowl!

Coming to Zlurpee Bowl is a special experience. While the regular tournament crowd sees it as another chance to talk to their Blood Bowl friends that they may not get to see too often, there are a lot of coaches who only attend a few tournaments a year and make sure Zlurpee is one of them! We also have a lot of first time tournament coaches that make Zlurpee their first tournament ever. The field at Zlurpee has a wide range of experience levels, but looking to the top tables each round you can see some of the best coaches the US has to offer.

If this is going to be your first tournament ever, or you are a seasoned player that hasn’t been to a Zlurpee you really should make it a point to get there. You will have a blast.  Xtreme promises “a big tournament with the attention to detail you get at smaller tournaments”. Zlurpee Bowl X is shaping up to be the biggest and best Zlurpee to date, don’t miss out on all the fun.