Chaos Cup 2017 Pre-Registration

Please fill out the below fields and submit payment to lock in your Pre-Registration for Chaos Cup 2017.

This form is ONLY for people attending Chaos Cup 2017.

If you are not 100% sure you can attend, please DO NOT pre-register. There will be no refunds given if you cannot make it.
  • If you don't have an NAF ID, you can register for one at
  • If you accept this responsibility, you are required to ask people travelling from your area if they need your help to transport to and from places like lunch, hotel, bars, and other entertainment Also, you may be called upon at the event by me or other staff members to help out coaches who may be stranded.

    As a thank you, I'll have a special bonus gift that is ONLY for Travel Captains that Pre-Register!
  • Note: Roster is required for pre-registration.
    Excel or PDF format preferred.
    See Rules Pack for penalty for changing your roster after submitted.

    This is the total amount you will pay after hitting SUBMIT.

On-Site Registration

What about On-Site Registration?

Bring $60 and multiple copies of your roster!

You should really consider pre-registration instead.  Just sayin.