Tournament Rules

Click here for Chaotic Brush PAINTING COMPETITION Rules (says 2015, but still applies)

CHAOS CUP 2016 (Updated 6/15/16)

Sept 3rd and 4th at the Holiday Inn Express
1550 East Dundee Rd, Palatine, IL 60074

$45 Pre‐Registration at  (pre‐reg open 7/1 – 8/22)
$55 On‐Site Registration

This is the NAF US Major Tournament.  NAF membership is required.  If you are not a NAF member, you can either sign up at website or we will have a representative on site handling new memberships and renewals.

–6 games of Blood Bowl against opponents from all over the world
–1 Chaos Cup 2016 Coin
–2 Chaos Cup 2016 D6’s
–1 Limited Ed Chaos All‐Star model from
–1 Chaos Cup 2016 Level 1 Raffle Ticket

–Painted team (Teams must have 3 colors and a finished base, numbered properly and skills visibly marked.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification from tournament)
–Blood Bowl pitch, templates, dugouts, ball, and dice
–Money for food/drinks
–Multiple copies of your roster if you did not pre‐register

–2 Alternate color Chaos Cup D6’s
–Save $10 on your entrance fee
–Bonus raffle tickets based on when you pre‐register
–7/1 – 7/31 – 2 Bonus Level 1 Tickets
–8/1 – 8/22 – 1 Bonus Level 1 Ticket
–You can purchase a custom Chaos Cup 2016 Pitch from TPJ Gaming Boards (must register by 7/31)
–You can purchase a Chaos Cup 2016 t‐shirt (must register by 7/31)

–Living Rulebook 6:
–All injuries reset after each game
–Apothecaries work as described in the rulebook
–Illegal Procedure will not be used

–I will have several printouts of your roster you submitted for you and opponents at the event
–Uploading your roster is a required part of the Pre‐Registration process
–Your roster MUST be in Microsoft Excel format.  A roster template is available on
–If you need to change your roster after pre‐registering:
—–It will cost you all of your bonus raffle tickets.
—–It must be emailed to by 8/22
–No pre‐registration rosters will be accepted after 8/22
–You are given 1,000,000 gold pieces to build your team. You may purchase players, rerolls, fan factor, coaches, and cheerleaders as normal with this money
–Wizards, Journeymen, Special Play cards, and Mercenaries are NOT ALLOWED
–You may purchase any other inducements for your team, including Star Players
—-Note: If you are including a Star Player, you must have 11 players on your team BEFORE hiring him. Having 10 players plus a Star is not allowed.
—-Remember:  You cannot have the same Star Player as your opponent, if both of you attempt to field the same player, then both of those players sit out for this game.  Also, you cannot use Igors or Apothecaries on Star Players.
–After team is built, you are given +150,000 gold pieces to buy Normal and/or Doubles skills
–Skills Normally available to that player type cost 20,000 each
–Skills that would require a doubles Roll cost 30,000 each
–You MAY NOT purchase any stat upgrades
–You may give each player up to 2 additional skills, i.e. Human Blitzer can be given Mighty Blow & Dodge in addition to already having Block
–Your team may only take up to 4 of each skill total, i.e. 4 Dwarf Blockers can be given Guard, but you cannot give Guard to anyone else
–You may not choose the Leader skill

Green Knight rules! Chaos Cup will be attending Medieval Times in Schaumburg once again! The dinner and show start at 7:30 pm on Friday night and will be $40 per person. Tickets will only be available through pre-registration. We’ll have a hotel van available to bring people to and from the show or you can use your own transportation (don’t drive drunk, y’all). You’ll need to arrange to be at the Holiday Inn by 6:00 pm on Friday if you wish to go. For more information on Medieval Times, please visit Dinner and show are included—any visits to the dungeon, drinks, or souvenirs are your own responsibility.

We don’t have a room reserved for games this year on Friday night but the hotel lobby area is always available. Please enjoy yourself but be respectful of the other guests and staff at the hotel.

We’ll have the ballroom all night so everyone is invited to stay and play games or hang out. Food and drink are BYOB. There will also be an XCW Supershow wrestling card game event as well as Supershow demos if interested.

Saturday 9/3
Check in    8:00 – 8:30
Announcements 8:30 – 9:00
Round 1    9:00 – 11:15
Break     11:15 – 11:30
Round 2    11:30 – 1:45
Lunch     1:45 – 2:45
Round 3    2:45 – 5:00
Break     5:00 – 5:15
Round 4    5:15 – 7:30

Sunday 9/4
Arrive     8:00 – 9:00
Round 5    9:00 – 11:15
Lunch     11:15 – 12:15
Final/Chaos Round   12:15 – 2:30
Break     2:30 – 3:00
Awards    3:00 – 3:30

–You will have 2 hours and 15min to complete each round
–You will receive in‐game time updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace
–All games will begin at the same time, even the top table during the final round
–Lunch break will occur after Round 2.  I recommend you eat breakfast or bring snacks until Lunch
–No overtime will be played

–You must use the Chaos Cup 2015 D6’s you received in each of your games
–You may use your own block dice provided they are from GW or the NAF.
–You do not need to share dice

–Before Round 6, but after you know who you are playing, you may award 2 mutations to your team
–The players gaining the mutations must be the lineman position type (0‐12 or 0‐16) on your team and cannot have been given an additional skill increase for the tournament already
–You must clearly mark which players have which mutation and make sure your opponent knows what you have chosen before the game begins
–If your team race is CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE, UNDERWORLD, or VAMPIRE team, you are an exception to the above “Linemen only” rule for awarding mutations.
–You can still only award a mutation to a player that has not yet received an upgrade, but it can be any player type, not just 0‐12 / 0‐16

you will receive an “I AM CHAOS” wristband during registration.
–By wearing this wristband, you will get extra high‐fives/fistbumps and hopefully drinks bought for you.  No promises.

After completing each round, you are required to fill out your game sheet.  This includes accurate scoring (please double check your work).  Submit yours and opponents sheets at same time.

The #1 and #2 ranked coaches after Round 5 will be playing for the title of Chaos Cup Champion and 2nd place.  The winner of this Top Table game is the Chaos Cup Champion.  In case of a tie score in this Top Table game, the below bullet points will be used to determine the winner.
Pairings will be determined by wins, then tiebreakers based on the following, in this order:
–Head to Head record
–Strength of Schedule
–Tournament Organizer discretion

The #1 and #2 ranked Stunty coaches after Round 5 will be playing for the title of Chaos Cup Stunty Cup Champion.  The winner of this game is the Stunty Cup Champion.  Pairings and tiebreakers determined the same way as the championship match at Top Table (above).
Stunty teams are:
–Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Lizardmen with no Saurus, Underworld with no Skaven
–No star players are allowed for the above mentioned Lizardmen and Underworld teams

There will be a separate document posted (see above) covering all the rules and procedures for the Chaotic Brush Painting competition going on during Chaos Cup.

AWARDS (Tournament Organizer will break any ties)
–Champion ‐ Winner of Top Table in Round 6
–2nd Place ‐ Loser of the Top Table round 6
–3rd Place – Highest ranked coach that wasn’t at the Top Table
–Best Defense ‐ Team that allowed the fewest TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Best Offense ‐ Team that scored the most TDs (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–Most Brutal ‐ Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking (that did not win 1st‐3rd)
–I Am Chaos Award – Highest ranked coach using CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE, UNDERWORLD, VAMPIRE
–Best Comeback – Highest increase in standings after Round 2
–Farthest Traveled Overall – Given to coach who traveled the furthest
–Farthest Traveled US Coach – Given to coach who traveled the furthest within the US
–Stunty Cup – Winner of the round 6 Stunty Cup match
—–Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Lizardmen with no Saurus, Underworld with no Skaven
—–No star players are allowed for the above mentioned Lizardmen and Underworld teams
–Best Sportsman ‐ Best Sportsman as voted on by your peers
–Wooden Spoon ‐ Coach that finished ranked lowest

There will also be various other awards for painting, modeling, in‐game situations!


Registration opens on July 1st at

Details on pre‐registration and hotel info at

Email with any questions

@ChaosCup on Twitter

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