2.11 – Wild West Exodus & Tombstone

2.11 – Wild West Exodus & Tombstone

00:00:00 Zlurpcast Status / Powerman 5000
00:09:31 “Is your fried chicken done yet?”
00:12:02 Death Path Preview
00:19:16 Tombstone by Black Scorpion
00:48:30 Nard Dog Influence at Adepticon
00:55:25 Tales of Lord Biran / Cubs vs Trump vs Dark Council
01:12:35 Wild West Exodus Talk
01:36:45 Closing Bullshit / More on Death Path Kickstarter / Cubs Fan Altercations / Next Month Preview Shadow War Armageddon

Yes, we discuss Wild West Exodus, formerly from Outlaw Miniatures, now from Warcradle. Yes, we discuss the Tombstone Kickstarter from Black Scorpion (not Black Dragon). But there is oh so much more. So much tangent you can taste it. Xtreme hates when people misuse teams, armies, and factions. But are there are some exceptions? Jonny wants to know what’s the deal with Tombstone Pizzas? And what’s the deal with miniature with no arms? Is DiGiorno real? Would Xtreme ever forgive Sammy Sosa? Would Jonny defend Xtreme’s honor in front of a bunch of surly Brewers fans?What’s the proper game hype window to get your models painted? Why is it that all the good game ideas are taken? Like Demon Hunting Wild West? Why is Biran swatting at Soviet dice? Why does Jonny hate Overwatch? Is it Berestein or Berenstain? #MandelaEffect

AND WHO THE FUCK IS BY-RAN?!  Whoever he is, he and YOU need to get your contact info into DeathPath.com stay in the loop on Zlurpcast Studios Kickstarter!



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