Attending your first tournament?


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Attending your first tournament?

Preparing you for your first Bloodbowl tournament.

This is planned to be a nice article to help those who have never attended a tournament before know what to expect. This will most likely be a living article and I welcome any other readers to add their thoughts as well in the comments section of this blog post.

First what to expect of your opponents, when people here gaming tournament I think a lot of the time they think of an uber competitive environment. That is just not the case with Bloodbowl tournament, especially when compared to ‘other’ games. The coaches that attend bloodbowl tournaments tend to be more laid back and in general easy going. Everyone wants to win, but I don’t think that is the only reason anyone is there. So I would expect some good matches, against some new people that could easily become new friends.

Rules lawyers, to go along with the competitive environment a lot of coaches who have never attended a tournament assume everyone is a stickler to the rules and ready to yell you down. Again the bloodbowl tournaments are a laid back environment, and while most of the coaches are veteran coaches they are willing to help you out and point out when you are doing something wrong noone is going to get upset about it.

What can you do to be the best tournament player and mesh into the community as smoothly as possible. First make sure you know which rules your league uses are house rules and which rules are actually rules. Or in other words read the rulebook. You don’t have to know the book forwards and back but here are a few things that sometimes trip people up,

-Announce your actions before moving the player. It is assumed that if you don’t declare an action that you are taking a ‘move’ action. But it is important to call your ‘pass’ action before you do anything with that model.

-Interceptions are rolled before the pass roll, trust me.

-Throw ins from the sideline, your best bet is to take special care in reading this section of the rule book, especially the starting point of the throw in is the last square the ball was in before it left the pitch.

-Stalling (standing on the goal line and not scoring) is not bad sportsmanship some races rely on such tactics.

-Models, please make sure you can tell your positional players apart. For any non standard models a commonly used technique is to base ring your players with the following color code: Black/Grey=Lineman, Red=Blitzers, Yellow=Catchers, White=Throwers, Green=Blockers

-Last bit of advice, have your roster printed out before arriving, and arrive when registration starts, don’t wait till round 1 is schedule to start. These things will really help the Tournament organizers out.

12 Responses to “Attending your first tournament?”

  1. rowdykatie says:

    Pass and hand off are two different actions–you can’t call pass and then do a hand off.

    No matter which way you choose to turn your guys, remember to turn them after they’ve gone.

    If you play slowly, don’t be offended if your opponent suggests that your game needs to speed up. Tournament games are sometimes much faster than league or one off games.

    If Goldmember offers to buy you a hot dog, don’t go into the kitchen with him.

  2. Goldmember says:

    Damn Katie, there goes all my fun at slurp this year!

  3. Goldmember says:

    Stupid autocorrect!! Zlurp

  4. valdric says:

    excellent blog. Your next one should be on “running your first tournament.”

  5. valdric says:

    and yes, beware of Goldmembers offering hot dogs. I fell for that… once…

  6. GreenGears says:

    You left out a very important bit Xtreme.

    Tom is really just a big ol Teddy bear. He might seem like a bitter ol curmudgeon, but he just wants a hug. Go ahead, it’s safe…. Hug him.

  7. fatfinley says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Goldmember I will take the free hotdog in the kitchen! ;)

  8. Xtreme says:

    Wow you are getting good at this. It was already planned and i’m getting my notes together tonight.

  9. Jonny P says:

    I can’t believe Goldmember posted. The cock on that kid.

  10. Jonny P says:

    Like seriously, Goldmember is posting. Is anyone hearing this shit?

  11. Noble Savage says:

    At what point of the tourney is it ok to publicly shame an opponent for intentionally cheating? Against a kid?
    Also, never ask someone how they got the nickname Kock-knocker. srsly.

  12. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    Shame someone for cheating? If you mean kick them to the ground, punch them repeatedly then hold them over your head as vanquished foe of evil…. then that’s always encouraged.

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