Best Zlurpcast Episode (the one you tell your friends about)

Best Zlurpcast Episode (the one you tell your friends about)

I was doing some organizing of old audio files recently and I decided to give a listen/partial listen to a few previous episodes of the Zlurpcast.  I was thinking it would be cool to have a “Demo Show” of sorts….a really good episode that would be THE one you told someone about if they were not already familiar with us.  Sure, a recent episode is the most timely, especially with our tournament preview format, but that doesn’t mean it’s best representation of the show overall.

One handicap (besides mental) that Xtreme and I have when recording these episodes is that they are primarily done through Skype.  While we try not to talk over each other, the audio quality for Xtreme will never be as good as a professional mic plugged directly into my mixer, and we lose a bit of the “two guys sitting at the bar talking” vibe.  We’ve done a handful of shows in person, and I believe they are so much better in many ways.

With that said, I have chosen Episode 9, from April 2010, as the Main Guy Recommended Demo Show.

If you are new to the Zlurpcast, or if you are telling someone about us, tell them to listen to that show.

It starts off with a pretty entertaining G-Dub vs Main Guy vs Other Guy discussion then leads into a great interview with our Tackle Zone Radio friends.   Sure it helped that we had a few drinks before, but this episode is solid.  Not saying the others aren’t….but I believe it’s the Best of the Best.  Much like Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai. They are all elite killing machines, but he’s better. And blonder.

What’s your pick for the best Zlurpcast episode and why? Comment below!

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  1. Xtreme says:

    Not sure which episode has been my favorite, have to think about that. Has been a lot of fun seeing what Zlurpnation thought our best moments were on twitter.

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