Brew City Bloodbath – Feb 26-27

Brew City Bloodbath – Feb 26-27

Brew City Blood Bath 2011 rules:
The tournament will be held February 26th & 27th, 2011 at Rockheads Comics and Games in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Sign-in begins at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday; Round 1 will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Entry Fee: $20
The Rules will be Living Rule Book (LRB) 6.

Rounds, Team Set-up, and Skills.

The tournament will be 2 Days, 5 rounds of Swiss.
Starting team value, before skill-ups, will be 1,100,000. You may purchase any inducement as part of your team other than Mercenaries or Special Play Cards. However your team must still have a minimum of 11 players including Star Players – i.e. 9 linemen and 2 Star Players is acceptable.

After the team is built, you may add 6 regular skills and one doubles skill. Any number of regular skills may be converted to doubles skills at a cost of 1.5 normals per doubles, rounding up. One additional doubles would cost you two normal skills, while two additional doubles skills would cost three normals etc. Up to two skills may given to a player total if you choose to stack.

Round 5 will not be a positional round, final standings will be determined by the total points after round 5

Win: 50 points
Tie: 30 points
Loss: 10 points

Won by 3+ points = +15 , Won by 2+ points = +10, Lost by only 1 point = +5
Caused 2 or more casualties than opponent = +10
Caused one casualty more than opponent = +5
If at any point your opponent has no players left on the pitch during an active turn you will receive 15 bonus points. This must be verified by T.O. at the time.

For the purposes of casualties “Wisconsin Rules” are in effect. Blocks, fouls, stabs, secret weapons, and the crowd all count. Failed dodges, gfi’s, thrown rocks and such don’t count.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place, Most TD’s, Most Casualties, Most Sporting, and a Stunty Cup

Miniatures should be easily identifiable as the player they represent.

One set of block dice and d6’s should be shared by both players. Feel free to use as many different d8’s and d16’s as you feel necessary to satisfy your need to roll lots of different dice.

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