Bunker Brawl III – Aug 21, 2011


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Bunker Brawl III – Aug 21, 2011

“Time to hit the streets” – G-Dub

The Bunker Brawl is back in its 3rd year and this time the staff at the Bunker has kicked us out into the streets. The positionals are halved and the rerolls are doubled, but that won’t stop Blood Bowl coaches from showing up!

WHEN: Sunday August 21st

WHERE: Games Workshop Battle Bunker – Downers Grove, IL

WHAT: 4 Round Resurrection Street Bowl Tournament using rules: http://zlurpeebowl.com/StreetBowl/Ultimate_Streetbowl_RuleZ.pdf

How Much: 10 American Dollars for Entry Team Building

Everyone gets Bunker Brawl Dice and Patch!


You get 600gps to build your team using the above rules Ringers are NOT allowed, but any of the below Inducements are acceptable

-Lil’ Shoppe of ‘Orrors (0-3) 10gps
-Extra Training (0-1) 100gps
-Bribes (0-1) 50gps
-Counter Offer (0-1) 50gps
-Halfling Bartender (0-1) Free for Halflings; 300gps Others
-Med Student (0-1) 150gps
-Zlurpee Cart (0-1) 50gps

You also have the option of turning up to 3 players into “Brawlers” (at no cost)….that means you can give them one of the following skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Wrestle, Piling On

These must be chosen before the tournament and cannot be changed. You can give all players the same skill or any combination within. (ie, all 3 can have Wrestle, or 2 can have Block, 1 can have Mighty Blow

10 points for a WIN
5 points for a DRAW
2 points for a LOSS
+1 point for each TD Scored
+1 point for each CAS (blocks/fouls)

Registration 12:00pm
Game 1 12:15pm
Game 2 1:30pm
Game 3 2:45pm
Game 4 4:15pm
Awards 5:30pm

The Bunker is open from noon to 6pm on Sundays. I suggest you eat first.

Any other questions, just email the Main Guy at jpeletis@gmail.com

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