Chaos Cup 2012


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Chaos Cup 2012


Sept 15th and 16th at the Holiday Inn Express
1550 East Dundee Rd, Palatine, IL 60074

$35 if you Pre-Register Between June 1st and August 31st at
$40 On-Site at the Door

Everyone Gets
• Six Games of Blood Bowl against opponents from all over the world!
• Chaos Cup 2012 Coin
• Chaos Cup 2012 Patch
• Chaos Cup 2012 Dugout
• Chaos Cup 2012 Counters (20 tokens total: Rerolls, Turn, Weather, etc)
• 2 Chaos Cup 2012 D6’s (Standard Brown/Black Color)
• Prince Dorian the Lost (Limited Ed Chaos All-Star model from

Pre-Registration Bonus

If you Pre-Register Between June 1st and August 31st at
• You will receive 2 Chaos Cup 2012 Green/Gold dice

Besides saving money and extra dice, other benefits of pre-registering are:

• Opportunity to purchase a Chaos Cup 2012 T-Shirt
• Opportunity to purchase previous years Chaos Cup Merchandise
• You don’t have to bring copies of your roster, I will have them printed
out and ready to go for you and your opponents
• You will be liked more by Jonny P and Xtreme


Saturday 9/15
Registration – 8:00am
Round One – 9:00am
Break/Lunch – 11:00am
Round Two – 12:00am
Break/Lunch – 2:00pm
Round Three – 3:00pm
Break – 5:00pm
Round Four – 5:30pm
Fox and Hound – 8pm!

Sunday 9/16
Round Five – 9:00am
Lunch – 11:00am
Chaotic Round Six – 12:00pm
Awards/Closing – 2:45pm

What Should You Bring?
• Your Painted Blood Bowl Team
• Blood Bowl Pitch and Templates
• GW or NAF Block Dice & D8
• Three copies of your team’s roster (Only if you DID NOT pre-register)

Team Building Rules
Chaos Cup 2012 will be using the CRP/LRB6 rules
Download it here –

Chaos Cup 2012 will be using the additional NAF-Approved Teams
Download it here –

You are given 1,100,000 gold pieces to build your team. You may purchase players, rerolls, fan factor, coaches, and cheerleaders as normal

Wizards, Journeymen, Special Play cards, and Mercenaries are NOT ALLOWED

You may purchase any other inducements for your team, including Star Players

Note: If you are including a Star Player, you must have 11 players on y our team BEFORE hiring him. Having 10 players plus a Star is not allowed.

Remember: You cannot have the same Star Player as your opponent, if both of you attempt to field the same player, then both of those players sit out for this game. Also, you cannot use Igors or Apothecaries on Star Players.

You may also choose to spend some of your 1,100,000 gold pieces to purchase advancements for players of your choice

• Skills Normally available to that player type cost 20,000
• Skills that would require a Doubles Roll cost 30,000
• +1 to your Movement Allowance costs 30,000
• +1 to your Armour Value costs 30,000

You MAY NOT purchase Strength or Agility upgrades
No player may have more than one upgrade – skill or stat, doesn’t matter
No skill or stat increase may be taken more than twice total by your team
All Injuries will reset as this is a Resurrection Tournament
Apothecaries work exactly as described in CRP/LRB6 rulebook

NAF Tournament Info
This is a NAF approved US Major Tournament. If you wish to receive limited edition colored Block Dice and have your tournament progress tracked, there will be an NAF Official on-site accepting registration for the cost of $10/year.

More information can be found at

Illegal Procedure
In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedure will not be called

2 hour rounds WILL be strictly enforced for all games. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

All games will begin at the same time. Even if it’s the top table final game, you will start at the same time everyone else does.

If the Tournament Organizer feels you may not finish your game in the allowed 2 hour time limit, he may place a CHAOS TIMER at your table. This is similar to a Chess Timer. At that point, each coach will be given 30 minutes to complete their remaining turns in the game. If you run out of time and still have turns remaining, you are only allowed to flip or standup players. You may not take any actions with your players once you run out of your 30 minutes.

The Above rule was created to ensure not only games are completed in time, but more importantly in an attempt to prevent “Real Life Stalling”, whether that be accidental or intentional.

Only GW or NAF Block Dice may be used and only the Chaos Cup D6’s received at registration may be used.

CHAOTIC Sixth Round
Before the 6th round begins (but after you see who you are playing) the Chaos Gods have decided to spice things up. Up to Two players on your team may be given Mutations per the CRP/LRB6 rules with the following restrictions:

• The players gaining the mutations must be the lineman position type (0-12 or 0-16) on your team and
cannot have been given an additional skill or stat increase for the tournament already.

• For example, your Human Blitzer cannot get the mutation, but your Human Lineman can. But if you
already gave that Human Lineman a skill, then he no longer can receive the Mutation.

Only Fresh Meat!
These mutations do not have to be modeled onto the figures, but if you want to go the extra mile, we would all love to see your mutated players. With that in mind, please mark these players somehow so your opponent knows they now have mutations. Base Rings are a popular and affordable method.

Gifts of CHAOS
• If your team race is CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE or UNDERWORLD, you
are an exception to the above “Linemen only” rule for awarding mutations.
You can still only award a mutation to a player that has not yet received
an upgrade, but it can be any player type, not just 0-12 / 0-16

• If your team race is CHAOS, CHAOS PACT, NURGLE or UNDERWORLD, you
will receive a special (non-game related) Special Gift of Nurgle.Scoring

After each round you will fill Game Sheet awarding the following Game Points

a WIN is worth 60pts
a DRAW is worth 30pts
a LOSS is worth 10pts

• There are no bonus points, but you must still keep track of touchdowns and casualties caused by blocks
• Tie-breakers for Swiss pairings determined by Strength of Schedule, then head-to-head, then net Touchdowns (TD for – TD against)

Etiquette Sheet
After each round you will fill out the Etiquette Sheet. This is a YES or NO questionnaire based on your opponent’s Gameplay and Painting. There are 7 questions on Gameplay and 6 on Painting. These are various traits the best sportsmen in the game already do on a consistent basis. Now, it’s time to find out if you do them as well.

• Turning models that have completed their action
• Consistency with Cocked Dice rulings
• Provided copy of roster to opponent
• Moving players into each square when they move to miss a dodge
• Using ONLY NAF/ GW Block Dice (everyone should get this one!)
• Completing your turns in a Satisfactory pace
• The MOST fun opponent to play out of all opponents
• Having your entire team painted to a three color minimum
• Painting or Flocking or Texturing all of your model’s bases
• Each position on your team easily identifiable to your opponent
• skill/stat upgrades on your team easily identifiable to your opponent
• each model on your team clearly numbered and matching your roster
• Provided marker for any failed negative skills (if applicable)

There were several sheets last year that said YES for having someone’s team painted, when I know for a fact their team was not painted. If your team isn’t painted, you should have 6 NO’s for that question at the end of the tournament. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. These are anonymous, and on the reverse side of how you hand them in anyways.

I will be tracking down liars and verbally assaulting them.

There will be no overtime played. If your game ends in a draw, it’s draw.

Top Table / Final Rankings
The #1 and #2 ranked coaches will be playing for the title of Chaos Cup Champion and 2nd place. Regardless of any bonus points, the winner of this Top Table game is the Chaos Cup Champion. If the game ends in draw, then Total Tournament points will be used to decide the Champion.

You will receive a -1 penalty for any “NO’s” given out by your opponent on their Etiquette Sheet. This penalty will only affect final standings. This will not affect any matchup determinations.

All teams are expected to meet the minimum painted guidelines. They must have 3 colors on them and have had some attempt at making them appear finished.

We are here for the fun of the game. Sportsmanship is not encouraged from the coaches it is required! fouling 16 turns in a row and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship, but gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.

The following awards will be given out after the last round:
• Chaos Cup 2012 Champion – Winner of Top Table in Round 6
• 2nd Place – Loser of the Top Table round 6
• 3rd Place – the Coach that finishes with the highest overall tournament points that wasn’t at the Top Table
• Best Defense – Team that allowed the fewest TDs
• Best Offense – Team that scored the most TDs
• Most Brutal – Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking
• Stunty Cup – the Stunty team that finishes with highest tournament pts
(Eligible: Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Lizardmen w/o Saurus, Underworld w/o skaven – including stars!)
• Best Appearance – Best looking team as decided by participants via Etiquette sheet. Tournament Organizer will break ties.
• Best Sportsman – Best Sportsman as decided by participants via Etiquette sheet. Tournament Organizer will break ties.
• Wooden Spoon – Coach that finished with lowest Tournament pts

Spread The Wealth
A coach may only win one award. If they are in line to win more than one award, they will be asked which one they would prefer and the next coach in line will be given the other award. Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust the awards, ie Wooden Spoon has to have played in all 6 rounds.

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