Eucalyptus Bowl


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Eucalyptus Bowl

Eucalyptus Bowl

I mentioned on Facebook a little while ago that I was off to one of the big tourney’s in Australia called Eucalyptus Bowl.

The tournament was run about 3 weeks ago now, and the 2011 event was a bumper year with 76 coaches attending. Some of the best and brightest coaches from all around Australia attend this event held in Sydney. Or ‘Sid-A-Nee’ perhaps. We usually get at least some coaches heading over from Perth for Eucbowl, which is about the same distance travelled as going to a tourney in NYC from LA! Great effort – that’s dedication to your hobby! The tourney is played over a Saturday and Sunday, and is a hell of a good weekend.

Now, we are the Tactics Zone, so if you’ll excuse me getting into some nitty gritty for a moment!
Eucbowl is a resurrection set up, with Team Value of 1,250, and you can apply any one ‘normal’ skill roll to each player (at the normal 20k cost of a skill), up to the TV cap. There are 6 games played over two days. The 2011 tourney was a good year for me, I went in with a Lizardman team, and my record for the weekend was 5/0/1, so a good performance I thought.

My roster was:
Krox w/- Guard
Saurus w/- Guard (x2)
Saurus w/- Block (x4)
Skink w/- Diving Tackle
Skink w/- nothing (x2)

Tip number one for any Lizardmen tourney team – Hemlock is the best value Star Player ever! Blodge, Side Step, Stab, Jump Up, all for 170k. I would say he is the first thing to include in any Lizardmen tourney roster (presuming you can have a SP that is) and build from there.

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  1. Xtreme says:

    I have enough trouble with Lizardmen teams, I hope coaches don’t start bringing Hemlock on them too.

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