Favorite Podcasts

Favorite Podcasts

About a year ago, Xtreme posted a blog talking about his favorite podcasts.  Now it’s my churn.

WTF with Marc Maron – If you are into comedy, this is a must listen to show.  He gets comedians to open up and really get to some personal issues.  He has even confronted alleged joke stealers Carlos Mencia, Robin Williams, and Dane Cook.  Just a solid, compelling show about comedians.

Adam Carolla Show – It’s not the #1 rated comedy show on Itunes for nothing.  Adam rants on anything and everything and also interviews some great guests.  He’s one of the few big names who can reap the benefits of monetizing a podcast instead of his previous fat terrestrial radio paycheck.

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana – If you are a true pro wrestling fan… like Ring of Honor and old ECW fans… this is a must listen to.  CM Punk seems to pop up here and there since he and Colt are best friends.   He’s also part-juggalo and broadcasts from here in Chicago!

ForceCast – If you are a Star Wars fan, this is for you.  It’s the #1 most download Star Wars podcast in the world, sponsored by TheForce.net, and its product and co-hosted by my buddy Jimmy Mac.  Do check it out, or do not check it out.  There is no try.

The Big Three Podcast – If you’ve seen the movie Windy City Heat, you’ll get this.  If you haven’t, watch it right now.  I’ll give you a link.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks – Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh discuss Combos, Snickers, Twizzlers, Funyuns, and all the best snacks around…. and they tell stories.  Hilarious!

Last but certainly not least….check out these gaming related podcasts from friends of the Zlurpcast….

40kradio.com, CouchPirates.com, Garagehammer.net, TheEternalWarriors.com, WapCaplets.podbean.com, Waaaghcast.blogspot.com

What did I miss?

4 Responses to “Favorite Podcasts”

  1. fatfinley says:

    Awesome I will try to check some of these out.

  2. krannix says:

    Agree with Forcecast. Great podcast.

  3. Wyrdstone says:

    Fantasard podcast – very funny

  4. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    The Nerdist podcast is awesome. And IGN has some good ones. Just depends on what you like. I listened to a Muppet Podcast one time and wasn’t hating it.
    Stitcher is a great app if you use your phone like I do.

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