Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Quick blog post because it’s been awhile.

I’d like to first thank the Zlurp Nation for making Xtreme and I feel like this little goofy recording we do each month is actually enjoyable for others to listen to.

Secondly, my touranment goal (besides trying to win one at some point!) is to get an NAF rating  with every single NAF team.  Currently in the US, only Mike/Valdric and Frank/Solarflare have done it.   This year I’m planning on hitting the following tournaments:  Frozzty Bowl, Heroes Challenge (odd man out), Royal Rumble, Headbangers Ball (odd man out), Stupor Bowl, Four Diamonds (as part of my wife and I’s NYC/Philly road trip), Put a Ring On It 2, Bunker Brawl IV (odd man out), and Ghouls Night Out.  I am going to try and make Chromatic Cup and Special K Cup as well…. both Tom R’s crew in OH, and Beaux’s crew in MI run great events but with vacation that same month we’ll just have to wait and see.

I still need to use the following teams for NAF ratings:   Chaos Dwarf (planning to buy the Volmarian team at some point), Halfling (I’m using Ewoks.  What.)   Goblin (planning on doing a straight no weapon, no big guy, goblin team at Stupor Bowl… with the help of 3 2485 Scares!), Human, Chaos Pact (hoping my team from James ‘Slann” Bobko” comes soon…he painted a Samurai team for me with enough models to use for either race, Khemri (planning on borrowing Dean’s team), and on my painting plate for this year is a High/Pro Elf team using the female Shadowforge Elves…which may also triple as Amazons…. my 2nd edition Skaven team….and my plastic Chaos team.

Let’s see if I can manage to get all that done in addition to my other side projects this year:   Finish writing my short film script, Roadimentary….then shoot and edit!    Get my online radio station up and running, Discord Radio, and of course play more SWTOR which I’m doing right now.  Very addicting!

Main Guy wishing all the Zlurp Nation a Happy 2012…. if the world doesn’t end.   If it does, you know G-Dub would somehow make it through.  Sucks.

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  1. JP says:

    Yeah, and I suppose I’ll go to Zlurpee Bowl VII. The guy running it is a dick tho.

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