Headbangers Ball II – March 24 – Chicago GW Bunker

Headbangers Ball II – March 24 – Chicago GW Bunker

It’s baaaaack!

This time the Guitar Hero has kicked the Metalheads ass and he’ll do the same to you and your players!

Most of the rules remain unchanged.  Check them out here:  http://zlurpcast.com/HBB2/HeadbangersBall2.pdf

Date: March 24, 2012
Location: GW Battle Bunker
Registration: 10:00am
First Game: 10:30am
4 Games – 2 Hour Per Game Time Limit
Cost: $10 for NAF / $15 Non-NAF

Headbangers Ball uses the current CRP/LRB6 rules found here:


You may choose to use one of the 3 new official teams found here:


Using 1,100,000gps, you are to build a team consisting of minimum 11 players and may purchase fan factor, rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and/or an apothecary.

No money can be spent on stat/skill upgrades.

Instead, you can give EVERY player on your roster one normal skill choice that they can normally take on a non-doubles roll.

EXCEPTION: Ogre, Halfling, Goblin, Vampire teams can give
every player on their roster one normal OR doubles skill choice.

The Metal Gods have granted favor to the underdog teams.Any questions, email tournament organizer at jpeletis@gmail.com

You can purchase Headbanger’s Ball Inducements at the prices below. Inducements from the rulebook are NOT ALLOWED.
0-1 Iron Maiden 60k Automatically heals KO’s into Reserves after each drive
0-1 Motley Crew 60k Once per game, the Crew runs onto the field to perform a foul action (even if you already performed a foul action that turn) that
automatically succeeds, only roll injury, the ref automatically throws the Crew out afterwards no matter what the injury roll was)

If at ANY point in time on your turn there are 9 players (standing or prone) in a 3 x 3 box, you can yell “CAUGHT IN A MOSH” (and yes, you have to yell it or else it won’t work).

The players in those 9 squares are now placed prone. Do NOT roll armour, as other moshers are making sure not to actually injury anyone. If a player was holding the ball, it will scatter. It’s not a turnover even if your own player drops the ball.

-If a player Caught in a Mosh was already stunned, he will remain stunned.
-Any players in this Mosh Pit are considered to have used their action this turn, and therefore, cannot stand up. (too difficult to tell which models were turned around when all are prone)
-It is quite possible to push players on the other team into squares with the sole purpose to create the mosh pit.

The T.O. will provide one Guitar Hero model to be used in each game. Both teams will still field up to 11 players, but each turn they will have the option of taking an action with the Guitar Hero.

This is the only time it’s acceptable to have a 12th player on the pitch.

On a kickoff, he is setup on the kicking team’s side of the pitch, then once the receiving team’s turn starts, the receiving team may begin taking an action with him.

The Guitar Hero acts exactly like a player on your own team. Once your turn is done, your opponent may then take an action with him on his team turn. He can be ejected for fouling like normal.

Note: The Guitar Hero is not technically twice as fast as everyone else, moving in both team turns, but rather this rule represents his complete lack of control/memory when it comes to trying to play this game! If you double his MA, you will get his “real” MA of 8, but for game terms it’s an MA of 4 for each side. GFI’s made be taken as normal.

He has the following stats and skills:
MA 4 ST 3 AG 3 AV 7
Hypnotic Gaze, Stand Firm, Guitar Smash*, Security Guards*, Loner

Guitar Smash
Instead of making a Block, the Guitar Hero can instead attempt to smash one adjacent opponent with his guitar. You must roll a 4+. If successful, you make an armour roll +1 (no other modifiers will apply) against opponent. Do not place them prone unless their armour was broken. If you do not succeed on the 4+ roll then the Guitar Hero’s action is wasted. You can attempt a Guitar Smash as part of a Blitz action as well, paying one square of MA like normal.

Security Guards
The Guitar Hero has seen his share of unruly crowds, and with his security guards watching for any foul play, he has the ability to get out of the way from injury. When armour is broken on a Guitar Hero, immediately place him in one team’s Rerseve box. (doesn’t matter which). He will be put back in play on the next drive. This also means a Guitar Hero is technically ever stunned, never KO’d, and never a Casualty

If you push someone into the crowd, the crowd might just push them back onto the field. Roll on the Injury table as normal. If a KO or Casualty is rolled, treat as normal.

If a stunned is rolled, do NOT place the player in the reserves box, instead put him back in the last square he was in, but prone. Do NOT make an armour roll. If that square is now occupied due to a follow up, the coach of the surfed player must push that player back using the normal push rules.

Metal Team Name +10pts
If your team has a metal team name (determined by T.O.), you get 10 bonus tournament points

Metal Player Names +15pts
If every player on your team has metal player names (determined by T.O.), you get 15 bonus tournament points

Metal T-Shirt +25pts
If you wear a metal t-shirt (determined by T.O.), you get 25 bonus tournament points

Painted Team +50pts
If your team is fully painted (determined by T.O.), you get 50 bonus
tournament points

For Custom Weather and Kickoff table and the rest of the rules click here

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