Awhile back, probably a good 5 years ago, Games Workshop ran a contest to create a Star Player.  I don’t know who won, or what the winner got (should have been their star player added to the game) but I submitted an entry for a Star I created.  His name is Arthur Ardsmash, aka, the Humorc.  He is the first mixed race Star Player.  Growing up in a racist community was difficult and it made him try even harder.  Below is what I submitted.

MA 7

ST 4

AG 3

AV 9

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 250lbs
Skills: Loner, Block, Wrestle, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle
Teams: Any (If team is Human or Orc, then loses Loner ability)
Cost: 320,000gps

Half Human. Half Orc. Arthur Ardsmash lived a very hard life growing up with a Human
mother and an Orc father. He was an outcast from both races. Growing up, narrowminded
people mocked him by calling him “Humorc”. He had tremendous athletic ability,
but he rarely got a chance to prove it. He had the speed and all-around Blood Bowl
ability of some of the best Human players combined with the brute strength and ferocity
of the most feared Orc players. Arthur’s parents told him not to worry about other people
not giving him the chance and just be true to himself. When he reached adulthood, he
looked for teams from lesser known Blood Bowl leagues in hopes to find some open
minded Human or Orc teams that would accept him for what he was…..a phenomenal
Blood Bowl player.

Word got around fast and pretty soon all the major teams in the NAF wanted to sign
Aardsmash. He did not want to be tied down to any long-term contracts with the same
team, so each year he only signs a 1-year contract and becomes a free agent at the end
of the season. He chooses to join the team that he thinks would be the most in need of
his services while still being the most accepting of mixed race backgrounds such as his.
Arthur has now embraces his childhood nickname, Humorc, and hopes to be an
example to future Blood Bowl stars everywhere who feel they are different from the rest.

2 Responses to “HUMORC!”

  1. Valdric says:

    Wasn’t Hack-n-Slash or some goblin thing the actual winner?

  2. Jonny P says:

    Yeah Hack and Slash did win. But I don’t care. Mine is better because it involves racism

    Late reply.

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