I need more dice

I need more dice

Had to get a new container for my dice, and while I had them out I thought I would take a picture or two.  I have several sets of many of these dice so if anyone would like to trade for tournament dice elsewhere in the world contact me.

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  1. Jonny P says:

    I want a set of those Zlurpee Owned Dice!

  2. AbraxiS says:

    Gessshhh…geek heaven :P

  3. Randroid says:

    We need some SOTT dice!

  4. Roy Moris says:

    I have some from English tourneys you may have.

  5. Steve says:

    Where did you get those NAF d6 dice? Haven’t seen those…

  6. Be4ch says:

    I have some Porn Bowl Block dice you might like


  7. dwarfrunner says:

    I will bring you a couple more sets that aren’t in that pic. I will see if I can get any more other than that.

  8. Stout Youngblood says:

    Hey, Xtreme,

    Great collection of dice…but you could defintely use more. Can’t have too many dice.

  9. Jonny P says:

    NAF D6’s were a limited run… I think Xtreme might remember details on that.

  10. Xtreme says:

    NAF D6 were a special set we did for Zlurpee one year, I forget which year. But only a small number of coaches got them.

    I’m up for any trades you guys want to offer, just email me and let me know what you have. I’ll work on a list of stuff I have extras of.

  11. Sum says:

    Them black and darker pink Block dice are worth a pile of money on Evilbay.

    Forcecommander has a bunch of previous tournaments the HBG Mafia has thrown. Ask him about them.

    I can’t give my “SUM’S CURSE” dice up… You have to earn them puppies… Dead last place. Wooden Spoon, Weak Sauce and Paddle of Shame, etc, etc…

  12. Love your show, by the way, you’re the voice of stability and reason.
    I would realy like a pair of Khorne dice, any will do; I see you have two types.
    Hoping to trade you for two Sin City 2015 dice.
    Can’t paste a picture here, buy I’ll post a photo on my Facebook page so you can see them.
    Let me know what you think, and hope we can work something out.

  13. Brian says:

    Where are the Black with Red Block dice from?

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