LamesDay 2011

LamesDay 2011

I went to Games Workshop GamesDay today.  I’m so thankful I got myself and my wife in for free with a press pass… Yep, being a Main Guy has it’s privileges.  I have not been to GamesDay in probably about 6 years.  I remembered why I stopped going… well paying for a ticket was a part of it.  But it’s a long line of people to wait to buy overpriced brittle resin… aka Forge World.

GamesDay Chicago ForgeWorld Line

Then a bunch of megabattles that makes no sense whatsoever.  Half painted Ultramarines and Tyranids teaming up to fight Lord of the Rings models on jetbikes.  Well, maybe not that bad, but pretty close.  I’ll focus on the positives, since there were some….

Blood Bowl demo games run by a dude from Memphis, with a pretty cool custom table.  I gave him Zlurpcast biz cards and Chaos Cup flyers to hand out.  What?

Blood Bowl Demo at GamesDay

The Blood Bowl Fantasy Flight Card Game was being demo’d.  I didn’t want to wait to try it but it seemed like people were enjoying it.

BloodBowl Card Game

This Khornate Chaos Space marine was pretty awesome.  For years I’ve seen a boring stand up marine, but this was a dude inside interacting with fans.  When my turn came up, I laid on the ground and wanted him to put a foot on top of me as if he just killed me.  So I hit the ground and just stared at him then the guy running it.  A few ackward seconds go by, then I say “What, can he not move his foot?”  and the kid running it said “We can’t have him put his foot on you”

Instead of causing a scene (as if a 7ft chaos marine isn’t already a scene), I just stood up and did a normal pic.  After that I left since I was mad.

On a simliar Chaos note, there were these 4 booths each themed after a Chaos God which had carnival games.  I was going to take pictures of them after taking part in those games, but you needed tickets to play the games…. tickets you get by doing other events.  Since I didn’t do those, I didn’t get to play, and thus no pic.  Sorry.

Overall, definitely worth what I paid to get in.  Viva La Finecast.  Also, I owe them a few Waaaghs, since I kept my mouf shut.


9 Responses to “LamesDay 2011”

  1. Noble Savage says:

    Sounds like a good Con! haha

  2. betterZthenDeaD says:

    Cool Blood Bowl pitch. Bezerker doesn’t seem to be very ‘bezerk’ though! Hope you took a shower when you got home!

  3. valdric says:

    I was at GD about six years ago. That same blood bowl pitch was there, too. Did you check out the painting? I hear the Wappels won some Golden Demons, which is always cool!

  4. Xtreme says:

    From everything i’ve been reading it sounds like this is becoming a Forge World Convention. No sneak peaks, pre-releases or news of any kind from GW. Forge world has a seminar discussing what is coming up but didn’t bring enough stock to keep the masses happy. 2+ hour lines for Forgeworld again, I find it hard to believe that they don’t see this as a constant reminder that they need someone in the US to stock their product.

  5. Jonny P says:

    @NobleSavage…. total con
    @BetterZed…..What is a shower?
    @Valdric….Yeah Jim won some, I voted for Dennis’ Slaanesh army… that pitch looks like it was made for 2nd edition. Small sqaures and 2 rows in the endzones too
    @Xtreme…..I can’t believe people wait in line to get raped.

  6. valdric says:

    How did Dennis’ army do? That army is just freakin’ beautiful!

  7. valdric says:

    @JonnyP… ‘showers’ are just golden showers without the golden. Weaksauce…

  8. Jonny P says:

    I don’t know where he ended up, but as soon as I saw that one dude sitting on the couch all in pink… I remembered seeing it at Adepticon and how awesome it was!

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