Necro-Maniacs Brother!


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Necro-Maniacs Brother!

The other day, I posted a topic on TFF about a Pro Wrestling themed team. Probably using Norse rules.

But then it got me thinking….a team full of Dead Wrestlers would be even better!

Gotta start with a list of the dead ones….and there are a lot.

Here we go, from memory. Feel free to play along, then google up your results afterwards to see how well you did.

NO CHEATING! It would be like taking steroi….oh nevermind.

Big Bossman
Ravishing Rick Rude
Mr Perfect
Chris Benoit
Andre the Giant
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Candido
Pitbull #2
Rocco Rock
Johnny Grunge (yep, bot members of P.E. got the finisher)
Road Warrior Hawk
Owen Hart
A bunch of Von Erichs (does it really matter?)
British Bulldog
Big John Studd
Miss Elizabeth (Lex Luger let her die. Nice work, monkeyface.)
Mike Awesome
Sensational Scary Sherri Martel
Luna Vachon
Dr Death Steve Williams
X-Pac (I wish.)

Alright, who am I missing?

4 Responses to “Necro-Maniacs Brother!”

  1. wapcaplets says:

    I’m only putting guys that were considered to have died before their time.

    Crash Holly
    Bad News Brown
    Flyin’ Brian Pillman
    Every Von Erich except Kevin
    Junk Yard Dog
    Louie Spiccoli (AKA “Madonna’s Boyfriend”)
    “Love Machine” Art Barr
    Brian “Crush” Adams
    Brady Boon
    Lance Cade

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  2. Jonny P says:

    Big Bossman looks like a Blood Bowl coach.

  3. Coach says:

    Going back a bit but I’m sure both Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy are probably dead.

  4. Starblayde says:

    I will now be able to win the ‘Name Dead Wrestlers’ drinking game – awesome!

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