Old School Video Games

Old School Video Games

While I don’t play too many video games now… besides Rock Band and the occasional FUMBBL game, in the past, I was all about the video games.  I think once controllers started to come with more than 3 buttons, that was my downfall.  Way too complex for my feeble mind to grasp.

Let’s take alook back on some games I enjoyed in my childhood thru my teen years.  Some you will have never heard of.

Mid 80s, I was playing a ton of Commodore 64.  While my friends got their first NES systems a few years before I did, I was content to know that my pops could get me pirated software of any game I could possible imagine for the C64.    I loved hacked games.  Years before a game genie, hackers already hooked you up with unlimited lives.  Brilliant!  Check out some of my favorites…. each name is linked to a youtube vid.

  • Rocketball – Modelled after the movie Rollerball..it’s a game where you get to elbow people a lot
  • Ghost Chaser – Run around chasing ghosts.  Cool name.  I played it on an emulator not too long ago… it sucked
  • Impossible Mission – Stay awhile.  Stay forever!!!  So many goons hidden behind so many doors!
  • Space Taxi – It’s like a real taxi except customers say please.  Pad 1 please.
  • California Games – It’s like the olympics, except surfing and hackysack
  • Maniac Mansion – This game was awesome.   Probably my 1st RPG.  So addicting.  It’s Dr. Fred!
  • Street Sports Baseball – My brother and I logged a lot of hours on this game.  Picking the team was the best part!  BOJO!

Then I moved onto the Commodore Amiga in the late 80s/Early 90s.  This time, my dad was acquiring even more games.  Games from Japan.  Games that made no sense.   It was awesome!  The Amiga I believe ran off of the same engine as the Sega Genesis but took it computer gaming to a new level for sure.  On Episode 24 of the Zlurpcast, you can hear Rick aka Greengears discuss the finer points about why the Amiga kicked ass, but here my picks along with video links…

  • Grand Monster Slam – Kicking severed heads into your opponents.  Nuff said.  From Golden Goblins!
  • Great Giana Sisters – A direct copy of Super Mario Brothers…. but it was girls and the graphics were better.
  • Lemmings – Everyone knows Lemmings from the PC world.  Except it was actually fun on Amiga.  Yeah, I said it.
  • Secret of Monkey Island – Fun game, along the same lines as Maniac Mansion…except more wise cracks
  • Speedball II – If you dig Blood Bowl, you should already know about this awesome futuristic sports game.  Brutal Deluxe!
  • Another World – The intro blew me away.  Just a bad ass game.  I don’t think I ever played the sequel to it.  I should have.
  • Silkworm – Just like the arcade… I played helicopter, my brother was the tank.  We killed everything that moved.
  • Blood Money – I don’t really like shooters, and watching the vid now, it looks shitty, but for some reason I played this a lot.  Cool name tho.

I will admit that I did play console games as well… but since everyone does blogs about old school console games all the time, I’ll just leave you with a few notes/memories from each of the console systems I’ve owned.  And no, I don’t have an Xbox 360 and I did not have a Dreamcast.  Talk down your gamer boner now.

Atari 2600 – Adventure.  Secret code at the end.  Anyone know what it says?  Also for some reason I remember Keystone Capers being really fun.

Intellivision – B-17 Bomber.  I had the voice modulator where it actually says B-17 Bomber.  Horrible.

Colecovision – Smurfs was killer.  Don’t judge.  Also Rocky vs Clubber Lang was a great game, except when my brother would look at my controller to see what punches I was doing.

Nintendo – Super Mario 3 was the pinnacle of console gaming.  Not many things have come close to it’s level of awesomeness.  Pro Wrestling was shitty but fun.

TurboGrafx-16 – TV Sports Football was great and so was Battle Royale.  Bonk was one of the best side scrollers.  Also 5 people can play at once on the Turbo Tap!

Sega Genesis – Sonic was cool… Golden Axe was cool…. Pit Fighter was cool (Southside Jim!)… Altered Beast was cool.  I remember playing my favs from the arcade on Genesis.  A lot.

Super Nintendo – My dad got me a Super Magicom, which originally came from Japan.  It allowed you to copy SNES cartridges and put them on floppy disks.  This meant, much like computer games, I had a shit ton of SNES games now.  I remember getting Mortal Kombat and some dude colored the sweat back into blood, like the arcade had.

Sega Saturn – Street Fighter Alpha 2.  I always enjoyed fighting games, but Saturn took everything to the next level.  Plus the controller was perfect for SF.  3 buttons on top, 3 on bottom.

Playstation 1 – I played a lot of Metal Gear Solid.  I believe Psycho Mantis even read my mind and saw (on my memory card) what other games I like!  PaRappa was also bad ass.

Nintendo 64 – Super Mario Kart and lots of it.  And of course, No Mercy.  Hands down the best wrestling game of all time.  Perfect controller for it!

Xbox-  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  It was so awesome.  You can watch yourself change into a Dark Side looking mofo after doing some heinous shit.

Playstation 2 – Guitar Hero

Playstation 3 – Rock Band

Do you have old computer and video game memories?  Share them below…. or else I chop off your head and kick it for bonus points.

12 Responses to “Old School Video Games”

  1. Avatar666 says:

    You forgot Barbarian (aka Death Sword) for the Amiga too!

    Also, I still have my Genesis for Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey. They are still the greatest games ever made. Psycho Slashers for the win (except on the ice field…….).

    Also – Atari’s Adventure – “Created By Warren Robinett” first easter egg in a video game known. Also I liked locking my self into the castle by using the magnet to pull the correct colored key to the gate, but you have to enter the castle first before it gets there. A wonderful thing indeed!!

  2. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    Smurfs used to kick my ass as a kid. Now, watching youtube, I’m disgraced by just how easy it was.
    Youtube is amazing to find and watch old games. I loved the old Indiana Jones game for my Atari and now, when I look at it, it’s just blobs moving. I remember it being scary and hard, and now… just… so sad… so very very sad.
    I went from Atari to Commodore 64(I too had every game imagineable from my brother’s hacker friends) to SNES to Nintendo 64 to PS2 to 360 and PS3.
    To show my age, I remember being a kid and waiting at Sears I think for Ms Pacman on Atari.
    First game I bought my self was Mortal Kombat for SNES. I borrowed money from my sister and paid her back over like 6 months. She was kind and I was broke.
    How did you not play Goldeneye? That game consumed me and my friends for way too long.
    I could go on and on and on, but I just downloaded Comic Jumper for 360 and must check it out…

  3. rowdykatie says:

    Maniac Mansion was the shiz. If you did one thing wrong, you were f’ed. The stupid brick in the dungeon, ugh. Did the Commodore 64 version let you put the hamster in the microwave? I was lucky to have the first NES version that did.

    I love that while some kids were out running around, I was burning a hole into my thumb playing an Olympic game where you run on Intellivision. I have phantom thumb pain just thinking about that metal disc.

  4. Jonny P says:

    @Dean – Oh yeah, Death Sword/Barbarian was awesome! Another chop off the head themed game! There were like 4 moves, and one was the spinaround chop off… which you always went for. It’s the mid-80s version of a Dragon Punch… completely vulnerable after you miss it! Oh and how could I forget Mutant League…. Slaycity Slayers….KT SLAYER owns all!!!

    @Steve – Y’know I did play Goldeneye, but I didn’t want to go too much into console gaming just because it seems everyone talks about that… but C64 only some will get it. When you got Mortal Kombat on SNES, did they take the blood out and make it clear… calling it sweat? How lame was that.

    @Katie – I remember playing Maniac Mansion with Keith Dahlem and trying to do the most fucked up things… I’m pretty sure we microwaved whatever we could. Intellivision came with the worst controllers ever.

  5. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    Yes! I was so pissed when I got home and found no blood. Especially since it was so much money to me at the time. Pretty sure it was like 80 or so…
    I used to play the crap out of Zork, Hitchiker’s Guide and other text games.
    You ever have any risque ones? I remember playing Farmer’s Daughter and Samantha Fox Strip Poker. Both games sped me onto a very early puberty hehe.

  6. Jonny P says:

    “Yes! I was so pissed when I got home and found no blood.” – If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…. I remember Zork… and for some reason I remember Leisure Suit Larry… was that in the same category?

  7. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    Leisure Suit Larry was txt based I think, but it gave you some graphics. Never had it myself.

  8. MagicDave says:

    In the UK it was Amiga Vs the Atari ST. Both ran the same games but the Amiga was better. Think the game that i wasted the most of my time on was Kick off and Kick off 2. The games are still playable today with communitys like the BB one as well. http://www.ko-gathering.com/

    Funny how we have all just kept on playing the games we did as kids.

  9. Hey! Have you played Dynamite Headdy for the Genesis? It is definitely my favorite game of all time!

  10. Nick says:

    King’s Quest and Gauntlet on the Tandy 1000.. spent way too much time on that when I was like 6.

  11. eric surrarrer says:

    i loved playing oregon trail on the apple 2 when i was in little in elementary the game was hard but i did end up beating it but it wasnt easy

  12. eric surrarrer says:

    i loved playing this one game called wormshot on a apple 2 when i was in elementary i played it all the time but i cant find any info on it i wonder if it was a game someone progammed

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