Orctober Fest!

Orctober Fest!

October 16th, Ryan Mckennon’s house, 30670 Rosemond Ln, Franklin, MI

4 game, 1 day tournament
This event will be resurrection style

NON-NAF members – 25$
NAF members – 20$
This will include lunch/beverages

9:00 – 9:45 Registration
10:00 – 12:15 Game 1
12:15 – 13:15 LUNCH
13:15 – 15:30 Game 2
15:45 – 18:00 Game 3
18:15 – 20:30 Game 4
20:15 Awards

First round will be random – after first round it will be Swiss pairings.

Things to bring
Copy of Competition Rules
3 Copies of team roster

Win — 60 pts
Tie — 30 pts
Loss — 10 pts
Kept it Close — 2 pts
1 CAS than other team — 2 pts
2+ CAS than other team — 5 pts
Clear the pitch — 5 pts
Won by 2 TDs — 2 pts
Won by 3+ TDs — 5 pts

Casualty Rules
Only casualties caused by blocks/crowd/fouling will count. Failed dodge/gfi/landing do not count.

Race Rules changes:
All stunty teams(Ogres, gobbos, flings, lizzies minus saurus and underworld minus skaven) will receive 1 free bribe. All three expansion teams are allowed.

Team Builds
1 mil team build (players, rerolls, fanfactor, all inducements allowed)

After team is made:
Before round 1: Add 80k to the team
Before round 2: Add 80k
Before round 3: Add 80k
Before round 4: Add 80k

This money can be anything that could normally be bought(players/rerolls/inducements/coaches/ff/cheerleaders/apo) and upgrades may be purchased for players as well. No player may recieve more than one upgrade per round(you could have 4 on one player by round 4, but not on round 1). Money may be banked from round to round. No player may recieve more than two of the same stat upgrade.

New skill 20k
Skill available on double 30k
+MV, +AV 30k
+AG 40k
+ST 50k

Other Stuff:
Apo will work automatically on any injury with a 2+ roll that may be rerolled with a team reroll(even if not your turn). Player will be placed in reserves box if roll is passed. This may also be used on crowd casualties.

New skill!:
“Take a dive” is an agility skill that may be selected for this tourney. The coach declares “Take a dive” and may move a player ending that players move next to an opposing player. The acting player then is placed face down(stunned) on the pitch. 2d6 is then rolled. On a 10+ the targeted player is removed from the game by the ref for “fouling”. On doubles the acting player is removed from the game by the ref for “taking a dive”. There are no modifiers for this roll. A bribe may be used to attempt to stop the player on either side from being tossed. Note: This is a new action and may be used on the same turn as a fouling action. This action is only available if the player has the skill “Take a dive”.

Illegal Procedure
In the spirit of good fun, NO illegal procedures will be called.

Tie Breakers (if needed)
Ties broken in the following order, 1) Winning %, 2) Head to Head record, 3) Net TDs plus Net CAS, 4) Total TDs plus Total CAS, if still tied — TO will roll off.

Awards to be given out:
1st / 2nd / 3rd place
Most Cas
Most TDs

Additional Tourney Info:
Post questions here in this thread. Rules will be updated as needed.
PM flyingdingle
Email flyingdingle at solomonknicely at gmail dot com

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  1. Xtreme says:

    Got my roster set, I’m ready let’s do this!

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