Part 1: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin

Part 1: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin

As people who know me know, I’ve been a pro wrestling fan since I was 8 years old. I grew up in the Hogan / Macho Man era and always wanted to somehow incorporate wrestling into Blood Bowl. Problem was, finding the right models. I always enjoyed M.U.S.C.L.E. men toys from my youth as well. Due to the model size (about 2 inches), I always counted them out (pun intended) from Blood Bowl usage. I hate when people use mis-scaled models. “This dragon-ogre is my ST 3 chaos pact thrower!”

One of my favorite team to use in Blood Bowl is Ogres. Phil aka Stout Youngblood, painted me up a nice Ogre team with Imps as Snotlings a few years back. I had a ton of fun using them. I called them the Ogrando Rage, based off of XFL fame and the Orlando Rage. My one knock on the team were the GW Ogre models just being too damn big for me. So I reluctantly sold them off earlier this year and decided to start from scratch on an Ogre team of my own.

So there was the answer. These M.U.S.C.L.E. men figs are perfect size for Ogre’s. They even fit properly when prone. And I still love the Imp models as Snotlings. So I started searched ebay for the right figures to use for the wrestlers. I figured just making them non-unique just generic jobber wrestlers of sorts, but then I saw this Hulk Hogan looking model that I just had to use. So I’m spending time gathering up 6 decent models to use as 80s era wrestlers, and then one extra Blood Bowl-ish looking model to represent any starts I may hire for the team like Brick Farth or Larry Da’Zonk.

After the disbanding of the Xtremely Large Football League, legendary Human professional wrestling promoter, Mince McSlam, decided to take his top wrestlers and inject them with a unique growth hormone which not only increased their size and muscle mass, but also had some damaging affects to their brain. About 6 of them showed (roughly) positive results. The rest suffered an opposite effect and actually shrunk the wrestlers to Snotling size! Talk about midget wrestling!

Soon after, the newest Ogre team, the Ogrando Rage (named after the anger side-effects from the growth hormone) was born, and Mince knew his team of super-sized (and small-sized) sports entertainers were ready to take the Blood Bowl Tournament scene by storm!

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  1. fatfinley says:

    I loved M.U.S.C.L.E. when I was a kid and still own most of the figures released here. Before I found out it was a Japanese thing called Kinnikuman I would give them their own names and factions while playing the dogshit out of them. As I got older me and my buddies would roll up stats for them and used those stats in the same format as the old Mayfair DC Heroes Roleplaying Game and then draw up tournament and roll dice based on the stats until there was one wrestler standing. Before you ask… Yes we all didn’t discover girls until later in life.

    So our names used for the figures above…

    Top Row: The Bulkster, Bulk Bogan (play off Hulk Hogan), Caeser (we thought he looked like Julius Caeser) and Jumping Jed (About ten years ago we realized it was a Chris Benoit figure)

    Bottom Row: Dusty Star (play on Dusty Rhodes), Sumo, and the always popular and former WORLD MUSCLEMEN FEDERATION CHAMPION…. MR. FOOTBALL!

    I am shocked I got married and have had children. LOL!

  2. Jonny P says:

    Your post is awesome in many ways. And yeah I’ve been calling any Hulk rip-offs on toys and such Bulk Bogan too…weird!

    I got a few more figs and doing some green stuff work. I’ll post a new pick with my updates.

  3. Purdindas says:

    Great Idea Jonny,

    I too used to play with these guys when I was a lad. I remember having all the ones with finns on their heads vs. the rest in some kind of gigantic royal rumble type thing. Is the guy with the football the only one that looks more like a football player than a wrestler or are there other ones out there somewhere??

  4. Onikuma says:

    I recently made a team on the Cyanide game to play with in our online league using a mix of wrestlers. There’s a Snotcho Man Runty Savage and Bulk ‘Ogan on that team.

  5. Jonny P says:

    @Purdindas There were other more football looking ones. But I dont think enough to make a full Ogre team out of. Maybe like 3 total

    @Onikuma Hahaha… awesome! Ooooh yeaaah the Snotcho Man Runty Savage!

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