Part 2: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin


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Part 2: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin

I know what yer thinking…. this guy didn’t do shit!   Well, I did.  Do shit.  And I made some progress.   I gave up on my attempt to greenstuff a kilt for Piper, instead I will just get some plaid cloth and apply it afterwards.  I also turned the sumo dude into Honky Tonk Man, by greenstuffing poofy hair, and I had to give him a nose.  What, Asians don’t have noses?  Hey!  I didn’t say it!.  I also shaved down his sumo style pants to make it look like regular tights for Honky.  For Macho I greenstuffed big fat sunglasses, and a bandana since I screwed up his hair… he ended up looking like Jheri Curl Soul Glo Savage!   Lastly, I picked up a model who, without modification, already looked like Superfly Snuka.   I used Army Painter’s human flesh spray as both a base coast and primer.  Soon you will see the red and navy blue colors of the Ogrando Rage on this team!   And the little guys get some love too…. those are all the wrestlers that had the reverse effect from Mince McSlamm’s Growth Hormone!

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