Part 3: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin


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Part 3: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin

So besides getting ready to move, and lots of extra bullshit at work at the moment, somehow I spent the last few days rushing to get this team somewhat presentable. Still need some final touches and to complete the bases, but it’s a decent start. It’s in desperate need of some Dullcoat as well. And I need to add in Piper’s kilt! Let’s see if I can win a game tomorrow night!

6 Responses to “Part 3: Roids, Rubber, & Rock’n Rasslin”

  1. fatfinley says:

    Great Job! These are looking very nice.

    Game tomorrow, League or Tournament? keep us posted.

  2. valdric says:

    No drybrushing there!

  3. Jonny P says:

    @Fatfinley, just a small garage tournament. Not NAF or anything. Excuse to drink beer and touch Xtreme’s butt

    @Valdric, I only drybrush in the 41st millenium.

  4. zootsuitjeff says:

    Very nice! Forget the dullcote, oil those puppies up. Glosscote!

  5. Xtreme says:

    The team turned out great Jonny, a very characterful team executed very well.

  6. Steve, Kilowog2814 says:

    The only thing that would make it better would be a Junkyard Dog… I love me some JYD!
    Grab them cakes…

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