Reporting from GenCon


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Reporting from GenCon

So I’m packing up all my equipment tonight so that I can be ready to be a member of the press at GenCon.  Hoping to get a lot of interviews from Bloodbowl coaches, as well as some interviews from representatives from some of the companies that will be there.

Going to try to talk to someone at Fantasy Flight about the Bloodbowl Card Game.

Impact i’m sure will make some time to talk to me.

Also maybe short interviews with chessex and litko, and i’m sure i’ll visit Romeo at Battlefoam.

Are there other companies I should try to talk to, bloodbowl related or otherwise?

Help me out I won’t have Main Guy to lean on, I need some help from Zlurp Nation.

I’m also planning to get some video coverage, and hopefully be tweeting all weekend, if my phone gets reception.

5 Responses to “Reporting from GenCon”

  1. Jonny P says:

    He completes me.

  2. Zootsuitjeff says:

    Aren’t you going to interview the CEO of GW?

  3. fatfinley says:

    I want to know if some Special Edition Bloodbowl set is planned for this year! And if they say no, punch them.

  4. Xtreme says:

    GW can’t be bothered to showup to GenCon. So any harassing of them is out.

  5. Xtreme says:

    Got all my equipment packed up, and outfit ready. It’s amazing how hard i’m trying to look like I belong, especially when i’ll be surrounded by nerds the like of you.

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