Royal Rumble – March 3rd – Indy


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Royal Rumble – March 3rd – Indy

Royal Rumble

A Tag Team Bloodbowl Touranment
March 3rd

The Rumble Will be held at WhosyerCon, this is a free convention but you must register for the convention and the Bloodbowl
event. Please don’t wait there is only room for 8 Tag Teams.


This is a free tournament but you do need to do the leg work to get registered on the website.

General Rules:

-4 games in one day of bloodbowl Mayhem.

-This is a NAF approved event, if you aren’t a member there will be someone to take signups if you wish to at the event

-We will be using the LRB 6.0 you can find it here,

-The three new teams will also be welcome, Slann, Chaos Pact, and Underworld team rules can be found here,

-Tournament will be resurriction style, so any injuries you suffer, will be healed and likewise any SPPs you earn will be erased. The team you start the tournament with will be the same for each match.

-In the spirit of good sportsmanship illegal procedure will not be called. The 4 minute turn limit will not be strictly enforced, but all games are expected to be finished in the 2 hours and 15 minutes alloted to each round.

-Tournament will provide custom dice you get to keep. These will be the only D6 allowed to be used throughout the tournament. You and your opponent should agree on a set of blocking dice to share.

-Please bring your team, 2 copies of your roster, and a bloodbowl board if you have one.

No teams will be turned away for painting, but… Paint your teams! It’s a lot more fun that way!

Because players will have different skill sets, it must be readily apparent as to which player is which (i.e., positions must be identifiable, and players must be clearly numbered or easily marked).

We are here for the fun of the game. Good Sportsmanship is required!

An important note on sportsmanship: fouling 16 turns in a row and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship. But gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is. Remember we are here to have a good time.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, let us know about it on the Zlurpee Forums at

Notes on Tournament Theme
You will have to register for the tournament with a tag team partner. There will be no individual awards, all scoring will be done as a team.

You are encouraged (but not required) to have a theme for your tag team. The only requirements are a name, and both your teams must either be a heel, or face. You can’t have one heel team, and one face team as they would never work together as a team. But costumes, entrance music trash talk, hype men etc, will all add to the awesome environment we are aiming for. There will be awards for teams that put the extra effort in.

Through out the touranment you will always be sitting next to your tag team partner and sqauring off against the members of another Tag team. First round will be random, after that swiss pairing will be in play. Overall standings will be point based.

There will be a custom kickoff table and weather table used for this event, that will carry the wrestling theme over into them as well. They can be found at the end of this document.

Team Building
-Teams will be 1,100,000
-You will have your choice of one of the following skill packages

Heel Package
-Give 3 Players Dirty Player and sneaky git
-Also give out 4 more skills players could get on a normal (non-doubles) roll.
Special Rule: Teams that take the Heal package, are hated by the fans. If a player is ever pushed into
the crowd, add 1 to the injury.

Special Action: Teams that are listed as Heels, will be allowed to take a chair shot action once per
Instead of blocking an opponent you make a chair shot on them, immediately roll for armour, adding
+3 to the roll. After the chair shot the ref takes it away.

Face Package
-Give 3 players Wrestle
-Also give out 4 more skills players could get on a normal (non-doubles) roll.
Special Rule: Teams that take the Hero package, are adored by the fans and gain a +1 FAME

Special Action:Hulk up, once per match teams that are listed as Faces will be allowed to perform a
Hulk up before taking a block, or blitz action agaisnt a stronger opponent. For this one block you act as
if you made a successful dauntless roll. You also get to have might blow if you knock the player down.
If your player already has mighty blow you may add +1 to both the armour and injury rolls.-Note on skills, there is no limit to the number of skills one player may have. If you want to give one player all 4 of your additional skills go for it.

-Star players, may be added to your team, but you must first have 11 players from your team list on
your team.

-Wizards, Mercs and cards will not be allowed.

-Apothecaries will work on a 2+ and place the player in the resreves box, we all know wrestling is fake.

8:00-8:30 Registration
9:00-11:15 Round 1
11:15-12:15 Lunch
12:15-2:30 Round 2
2:45-5:00 Round 3
5:15-7:30 Round 4
7:45 Awards

Each tag team partner will earn their own points, but for the purposes of the standings and awards they
will always be added together as a team. There are no individuals here.
Win=40 points
Tie=20 points
Loss=5 points

Tapout: 5 points if at any time in your match you clear the pitch of your opponents players.
Upset Special: 5 points for causing a CAS against a star player.

End of tournament bonuses:
These points will only be added in after the final match.

Theme Bonus: 5 points if you put some extra effort into your tag team’s theme. Determined by the
Tournament organizer, but he can be swayed by some good trash talk.

Best Theme: 5 more points to the Tag Team that is voted as having the best overall theme in the
tournament, this will be decided by a vote of the coaches attending with the Tournament organizer
representing the swing vote.

Main Event Bonus: Any team that participated in a Main Event, gains 5 tournament points for each
main event.

Painting Bonus: 10 points if both teams used by your tag team are painted (minimum standard 3 colors,
something done to the bases, and positons easily distinguishable.)

After all that is factored in we will award the following awards

Tag Team Champions
The team with the highest overall tournament score

Top Contenders
The team with the 2nd highest overall tournament score

Prima Donnas
The team with the highest net Tds (Tds scored – Tds given up)

The team with the Most CAS (casualties caused by blocking or fouling only)

Fan Favorites
The team that is voted the Best Themed of the tournament

Job Squad
The team that completes 4 rounds and has the lowest score

There will most likely be more smaller awards given out as well, but those are yet to be determined. Everyone that attends the tournament will receive several cool giveaways that we are planning. This is going to be an awesome day of bloodbowl, with a lot of goofy wrestling jokes thrown in make sure you
don’t miss it.

Weather Table
2=Lights Out: The lights in the arena have gone out, I can’t see anything. After both teams have setup for a kickoff choose 1 random player from each team who is lost in the dark place them in the reserves. Only quick and short passes may be attempted.

3=Thumbtacks: The harcore match before you didn’t get cleaned up very well, there are still thumbtacks all over the place. Subtract 1 from any go for it attempts, and if the player fails add 1 to the armour roll.

4-10=Perfect: The show starts with no problems

11=Cage Match!:An unscheduled Cage match is about to take place, the cage comes down from the rafters and surronds the pitch. Anyone bieng pushed out of bounds stays on the pitch and is treated as if they were pushed into a standfirm player. If they are knocked down add 1 to the armour roll.

12=Main Event!!!: Your match has been declared the Main Event of the round, the first game to stand up and announce they are the main event recieves a bonus 5 tournament points. They also have to deal with some challenges. The Thumbtacks are still on the pitch, see the result above. The Cage is down see the rules above. The referee has gone missing and will not eject any players for using weapons or for fouling. The crowd has beend rinking for hours and wants some blood. Before each kickoff, including the current one the fans throw objects at players from the team with the lowest FAME for the game. Choose one random player and place them in the KO box.

Kickoff Table
D8 kickoff table

1=Jumped: One of the coaches has been jumped in the locker room and can’t make it out to the ring. The match is held up one turn while you wait for him. Both coaches move their turn counter forward one space.

2=Not the Spanish Broadcasters: Someone has been body slammed through the spanish announcers table again. Both coaches roll a D6 +Fame, losing side nominates one player on their team and that player is stunned. The winning side is pumped up and gains a reroll. Reroll any ties

3=Its a sloberknocker: the team that has taken the most CAS to this point may give one player on their team Mighty Blow for the remainder of the match. If the CAS count is tied both teams may give a palyer Mighty Blow.

4=The Ref’s Down: That Tag team you roughed up last week has come running out of the back and taken out the ref, each team is awarded a bribe.

5=The maniacs: All your little maniacs are going wild, and your team has noticed. Roll a D6 plus FAME the winning side gains a reroll while the losing side loses a reroll. Reroll any ties.

6=Throw a Chair: Your tag team partner has thrown a chair in the ring while the refs back is turned. The kicking team may perform one block action before the ball lands. Add 1 to any armour, and injury rolls that result from this block.

7=Help from outside: The receiving teams manager is distracting the ref and they are taking advantage of it. One player on the receiving team may be moved underneath the ball. Another player on the receiving team may move two space, they may cross the line of scrimage with this movement.

8=What’s Happening?: Something is going on in the arena the announcers are freaking out, roll on the weather table.

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