I’m running another tournament next March….the Headbangers Ball.  It’s all metal themed.

Here is an excerpt of the work-in-progress rules….let me know whatcha think!


2 – TWO Minutes to Midnight! The hand that threatens doom! The kicking coach rolls a D6, 1-3 nothing happens, 4+ both teams turn markers are immediately moved to turn 7 (if they are currently on 1-6). 2 turns to midnight!

3 – The New Stuff – “This next one is off our new album….” The main act at the tournament decided to play some stuff from their new album. One random player from each team, AND ALL METALHEADS on the pitch are placed in the reserves box until the next drive. ”Beer run, dude. The new stuff sucks

4 – FOUR HORSEMEN are drawing nearer, and they’ve come to take your life. Roll a D6 and add FAME (reroll ties)– The losing team’s assistant coaches and cheerleaders have been killed. Sorry.

5 – FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – The first player to touch the ball after it’s kicked has learn the Way of the Fist. They now have the Mighty Blow for the rest of the drive. If they already had it, now they have Double Mighty Blow (+2 to armour or injury, or +1 to armour AND +1 to injury)

6 – SIX SIX SIX – The Number of the Beast! – It’s number is 666, for it is a human number. Roll a D3 and add FAME, Coaches, and Cheerleaders (reroll ties) Highest Score gets a bonus reroll for the half. A gift from Eddie.

7 – Today is born the SEVENTH one. So it shall be written. So it shall be done. Both teams turn markers should be moved forward 1 space to allow time to prepare for the coming prophecy.

8 EIGHT-TEEN and I get confused every day. The kicking team can choose to reroll the kickoff roll, or choose that nothing happens, the ball just bounces as normal.

9 99 Ways to Die! All Injury rolls for the rest of the drive can be rerolled by the person rolling. The 2nd result must always be accepted, even if the first roll was better.

10 – TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR! The fans are quite Disturbed by this game and distract the ref enough so you can take a “Blitz Kickoff Result” as in the CRaP/LRB6 Rulebook.

11 – Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. All of these go to Eleven. Every armour OR injury roll of 11 (unmodified, only natural 11’s count) will give the coach who rolled it a bonus reroll for that drive only.

12 – “I am the LAW!” Not only will the ref call fouls as normal, but he gets a bit of a power trip and will throw anyone out who rolls doubles on their opponents injury rolls until the next drive. This includes blocking, failed dodges, leaps, GFI’s, secret weapons in addition to fouling.

2 Responses to “VERY METAL!”

  1. Konate says:

    For #6, how about you get the re-roll for every cheerleader you sacrifice (can’t be used again)? If you don’t one, you can lose a re-roll (the Beast is not happy).

    Maybe one could be “Eeyaaah, I Dropped my Lighter” (fire) or “Mosh Pit”, or “The Cops are Here!” or “who spiked the McMury’s” (mass paranoia) that would act as the fans rushing the field.

    Also, make pushes into the stands re-rolls on injuries (spikey bits), call it “crowd surfing” or something.

    #11, take AWAY a reroll from the opposing team. The opposing coach, a fanboy, is too distracted by the gibbering of a famous rock-star (opposite of brilliant coaching)

    Maybe call another “Jail Bait” (*sing* She’s only 11 – Maybe you should 2d8 this list)? A random player misses the drive to sort out this mess (a la hit by a rock)

  2. GreenGears says:

    For #12, when the power trippin’ Ref decides to send off someone for a failed dodge. Who’s being sent off? I imagine it’s the person who’s tackle zone caused the dodge. What about the case in which there are two players with tackle zones on the flopper? Might be a good idea to clarify.

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