I’ve wanted this Volmarian Chaos Dwarf team from Greebo for a long time…since I first saw the pics many months before it was released.

Mainly, it was the money that held me back. They are an expensive team.  I know the breakdowns…”well if you buy all 16 players it comes out to” blah blah blah. Regardless, it was a little pricey compared to 2nd hand stuff I can find on ebay. That is my guage. Because I’m poor. And Greek. Which means cheap.

I never bought another Chaos Dwarf team because they all paled in comparison to the Volmarians.  Recently I scraped together some dough and picked them up.  Greebo had a special so it was time to finally jump on the chance… PLUS, as I finish my quest to achieve an NAF ranking with all 24 races, Chaos Dwarfs were my last one!

Many people don’t like the Hobgoblins that come with this team, but I actually do.  They look feeble (read: submissive) and a nice contrast to the bulky Chaos Dwarves. Dwarfs? Dwarves?  Who can really be PC these days?

When I cracked open the models, my first thought was “Wow, these are big dwarfs”   Initially it bothered me, but then I did some comparisons against other models and really it depended on the line.  For example the new GW Human Team, as awesome as it is, is of that bigger scale.  The previous GW Human teams were each smaller.   So I’m aware of this scale creep that goes on in many games.

They were sorta big regardless. Especially since the name is “Dwarf”, you think small. Then I got to thinking about some things which make my larger size not feel like such a problem. That’s what she said.  They are all still ST3, so being the same height as humans is perfectly acceptable.  They are still fat and chunky, and really if you look at it, it’s their heads and helmets which add so much to that height.  If you measure to their shoulders they are not that much bigger.

Lastly, to further continue my justification for being so anal (read: submissive), I thought…. well if these guys came from a Chaos Dwarf society, wouldn’t they pick the biggest and strongest to go and fight on the Blood Bowl pitch?  Plus, when you are aligned with the taint of Chaos, you are bound to get a little beefed up.

All in all, I’m very happy with them.  And the Bull Centaurs are great.  I do have a Tawrorf coming from the same line to act as their Minotaur.  I am actually going to be painting this team myself, which I plan to do with many of my future teams.  I had my share of buying painted and paying to have them commissioned, and I like all the teams I own, but sometimes I get jealous by the connection that Xtreme has with Da 40 Miners.  So I want to build and paint up a team of my own and carry with it some rich history.

My team is called the Windy City Heaters.  With Scary Perry and the Stunt Double ready to break some tackles and clop downfield, they will be ready to Unleash the Fury at a Blood Bowl Tournament near you one day!

10 Responses to “Volmarianisms”

  1. Alex says:

    I have these as well … but then again, I buy almost exclusively from Greebo. Haven’t painted them up yet but there’s a good chance you’ll see them at Zlurp or CC next year. Can’t wait to see yours Main!
    Did you order the extra claw arms and tiny magnets? :)

  2. fatfinley says:

    Very nice blog.

    Love the look of the models but I had my team bought before I saw these.

    Scale bothers me too, I wish companies that make BB mini’s would show us the scale of the mini next to a GW Human Lineman or something so the buyer can decide if buying that team is right for them. I have held off of buying non-GW teams until I see them in person so I can judge the scale.

  3. The Fattest of Finleys is correct about the scale issue. I made the mistake of buying the Impact Sinnedbad sight unseen. I had always imagined that he was basically a skeletal pirate but when I got the model he was bigger than my Tomb Guardians. I gave him away at my failed Khemri Cup tournament as a prize because I had no use for him. Live and Learn.

  4. Xtreme says:

    Dwarves not Dwarfs.

    and you should be jealous of the Miners, everyone should be.

    All that aside, i’m really glad you got the team they are fantastic models can’t wait to see the Heaters on the pitch someday.

  5. Jonny P says:

    I think Da 40 Miners have some size to them as well, so should look cool on the pitch battling it out in some fast paced 1-0 high scoring games!

  6. Rewslaun says:

    I bought the gaspez-arts Chaos Dwarf team because I loved the models and they didn’t have big helmets on. After receiving the minis I love the BC’s but the Chaos Dwarves are much smaller than I thought they would be. I’m okay with them being short but they should be stout. Maybe the perfect sized Chaos Dwarf mini has yet to be made.

  7. KhorneliusPraxx says:

    Technically, I thinks Dwarfs and Elfs is correct…now sure when Dwarves and Elves first started but I guess they are all okay now

  8. TheDoc says:

    Dwarfs is the spelling that Tolkein used in the Hobbit so is thematically correct. English Grammar says that it should be Dwarves.

    Both correct from a certain point of view.

  9. Stout Youngblood says:

    Hey, Jonny,

    Saw that you sold this team on ebay. Why? I was looking forward to seeing them at a tourney some day.

  10. JP says:

    This team is not sold. Still painting them now. I had an extra set I acquired and sold those.

    4 month later response….what, I was on a break! ;-)

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