2.01 – Deadzone & More

2.01 – Deadzone & More

New episode, and a new format? Listen to Zlurpcast: The Rebirth….today, or whenever.

00:00:00 Intro – What is this shit?
00:12:57 Deadzone – Zombie Shoot, Pity Trophies, Xtremecast, Jonny P’s Zlurpcor Campaign, Dreadpathzone Videos, Fat Albert & Jared, Xtreme Self-Pleasuring Rules
00:51:14 Supershow – XCW, Gencon World Championships, One Night Stand, Prison Rulz, Tommy Dreamer compliments
01:18:09 Dreadball – Zlurpcor Intergalactic Championship II, X-Con Micro Tournament
01:23:48 Misc – Devil’s Run, Guild Ball, Xtreme’s Magnet Frustrations, Preview of Zlurpcast 2.02, Pee on the floor, Said “in gist”
01:43:16 – Game of Thrones (Spoilers as of S6E5)



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