2.03 – Life of Brian the Burrito Lord

2.03 – Life of Brian the Burrito Lord

“Zlurpcast is a gelatinous cube that eats warriors in a village. If you eat one of the hosts, you go up a level. Beauty is, you can’t get to the next level, kids keep coughing up quarters.” -Nacho Bandit.

The Life of Brian is our 3rd installment of Season 2 and revolves around the man who paid for his spot on the show. Thankfully he was willing to discuss the same games that half of our not-so-dynamic duo is into. Brian Thomsen, Burrito Lord himself joins the show to give Xtreme ‘the business’. I mean come on, he wants to play Warmachine (4 weeks or else a blowie). It had to be said. For those that always wanted the history of our marvelous gaming group, Beefgoat, you can hear the Nacho Bandit give the backstory. We also delve into our Frostgrave and Deadzone campaigns, cover the 12th annual Zlurpee Bowl, and discuss the results of XCW Family Jewels. Do your ladyfriend a favor and put this on during sex.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:06:10 Gaming Megamix (Dropzone Commander, Xtreme Game Therapy, Frostgrave, “What Are You Wearing?”
00:28:35 Zlurpee Bowl XII
00:42:16 Old G-Dub Call and Games Workshop
00:53:10 Supershow/XCW Family Jewels
01:06:51 Zlurpee Wrap-up continued
01:19:34 Beefgoat Origins (w/Frostgrave & Deadzone, Guild Ball league recaps)
02:13:52 Closing & Misc Shit
02:28:03 No Logos (bonus track)



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