2.05 – Techno Bowl w/Brent Spivey

2.05 – Techno Bowl w/Brent Spivey

Doods. Remember Tecmo Bowl? Remember NFL Blitz? NBA Jam? Take the style of those games, add in the ability to create your own plays and then take that game to the tabletop against your friends. This is Techno Bowl, aka Tech? No! Bowl. Arcade football unplugged and taking the MFL (More Fun League) onto kitchen tables in homes across the world. Main Guy sales pitch right there… successful. Episode 2.05 of Zlurpcast is an interview with the creator of this game, Brent Spivey. Brent has been a miniatures game designer for years with his company, Bombshell Games, and now taking his love of football and the desire to create an NFL style simulation game to the table top.  The game is on Kickstarter now. Get in for $49 with all the stretch goals, or while spots are available, literally get IN THE GAME with your own custom player. Xtreme and Jonny P are both in there. You can tackle Weapon Extreme as he runs for a TD with the Reapers (Raiders) as Bo Nose watches with a smile, or try and get past Jonny “The Punisher” Peletis next to Perry Freezer in the middle of the Monsters (Bears) defense. Join Zlurpcast and pledge a couple bucks and let’s make the Kickstarter for Techno Bowl smash its goal and get us all those awesome stretch goals!

Techno Bowl Gameplay Video

Techno Bowl Kickstarter

Also, get the scoop on which are the first 4 teams are included in the box at the 01:02:55 mark of this episode!



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