Zlurpcast #22 – May 2011

Zlurpcast #22 – May 2011

Did you know…Cromnard Dung was on a path to greatness. Possibly the most talented Star Player to ever play Blood Bowl. His story is tragic, and is a focus of Episode 22. Also hear why Stupor Bowl IV and Adepticon is the best convention around. Get information on “Design the Zlurpcast Logo” Contest with a MAJOR prize! Get the scoop on the upcoming Special K tournament in Michigan and some tournaments overseas as well. Lastly, we discuss tournament etiquette…aka “What can I do to stop being a doosh?”


2 Responses to “Zlurpcast #22 – May 2011”

  1. fatfinley says:

    AWESOME SHOW!!!! I will be playing an all Dwarf Treasure Hunters modeled/painted team, that really are a Chaos Pact team. Don’t worry all the Marauders have green eyes.

  2. Mahala says:

    What an awesmoe way to explain this┬Śnow I know everything!

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