Zlurpcast #34 – May 2012


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Zlurpcast #34 – May 2012

As seen in the above pic, not only are Xtreme and Jonny P looking their best at Adepticon 2012 and Stupor Bowl V, but they are wearing some Zlurpcast apparel. Buy yours today at this link, then take a pic and send it in. You could win some amazing prizes! This episode previews Chromatic Cup, Four Diamonds Cup, and Special K, while reviewing Stupor Bowl V in-depth. We also hear not one, but two Torontonians give updates in our Ourside Our Borders segment. The winner of our MST3K / SpaceBowl contest is also revealed…. is it you? Listen and find out ya turkey!


5 Responses to “Zlurpcast #34 – May 2012”

  1. Coach says:

    I liked the bit at the start with JP correcting Xtreme and then he says “you are wrong on both accounts”. It should be counts not accounts!

  2. fatfinley says:

    Good gravy this picture cracks me up every time I come back to the website. You guys look rather.. touched in the head so to speak. Plus Jonny has that “I just dropped a shartcake in my pants” look. What a couple of deepshits!

  3. Jarrett says:

    I just set this pic as my girlfriend’s desktop background.

  4. Xtreme says:

    Just make sure she calls you Other Guy.

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