Zlurpcast #36 – Jul 2012

Zlurpcast #36 – Jul 2012

First off…. sorry for getting this out late. I had issues with the length. That’s what she said. And actually since we’re talking about it…. this thing is about 3 and a half hours long. Yeah, I know. Fuckin sucks. We had a ton of great footage from the LIVE episode at Zlurpee Bowl VIII, plus we had to do a wrap up afterwards with results. It would have been tough to just edit out certain spots of the live show, so I left it all in!  This is a lot to swallow — I know, it’s also what she said again. Here is some direction. Listen to the first 2 and a half hours. That’s the live show. It’s fun, it’s all over the place, but most of all, it will help you feel like you were at hanging out at the Zlurpcast Afterparty with us. Then, but only if you absolutely must…. go ahead and finish the other hour. The live episode sees the return of the Go For It Trivia Game with guests Sarge, Josh, Mark x2, Tristan, Randal, and many others. You get to hear Xtreme and Jonny fight about how many SPPs questions should be worth, and we find out why Jake Lloyd of Star Wars fame might want to sell you some Bantha Fodder…but only if yer cool.  Enjoy!


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  1. trentusdementus says:

    This just officially got the “not worth listening to ever again” status.
    I have knowledge of what you can do with free downloadable audio software so I know what you did to Thundercruch is just a total slap in the face guys. Clearly you have too many listeners to care about getting more or keeping the ones you have.


  2. Jonny P says:

    Seriously, can you please elaborate? I put the audio I got from Steve at the end of this episode and I dont remember editing it up at all. I think I just put it there as is.

    What are you referring to exactly?

  3. Jonny P says:

    The more I think about this, the more I don’t like your fucking tone.

    Guess what… I edited up a 3.5hr podcast and was about to upload it…..then I remembered I had to go back and add in that extra Thunderbowl audio. Dontcha think if I really wanted to be a dick I would have left it out and said “nope, it was too long, we bumped it”

    I included it. Because I said I would.

    Was I supposed to edit it up too? I didn’t. Is it a big deal?

    Guess what else? This is the fucking last time I accept a submission of audio from ANYONE else.

    And it’s all your fault.


  4. Jonny P says:

    Oh I found the further elaboration here:


    I can reply on there if you like.

  5. fatfinley says:

    I am confused? What was wrong with the stats?

  6. Jonny P says:

    Apparently including it at the end of the show wasn’t good enough.

    It’s cool. We’ll just mention our own shit since it’s better content anyway.

    Too bad one guy can ruin the entire world’s mention of their events.

  7. Angeblich says:

    Hey guys,

    just a little feedback from a currently not playing Blood-Bowler:
    Even though BB has no part in my live at the moment (for about 2 years now), I still listen to Zlurpcast. And that is not for any stats or such.

    You rock!

  8. Jonny P says:

    Thanks buddy!

  9. Jonny P says:

    It appears that link I posted above is no longer visible to the public.


  10. Who needs more listeners when you´ve got me…the one and only MeatloafxXx :)

    Anyway,im going to say to you the same thing i said to Xtreme when he was criticised…errrr…well…no i dont….because i cant remember the exact words but the point was….shit dude…who cares about a non constructive opinion?


    This is like you guys,showing some love for the Merry Mayhem News blog,and then me saying in public that you didnt showed all the love you could and that i would never talk to you again…

    I mean…duhhhh

    Also,i clicked the link above and….theres nothing there…it looks like someone has something to hide.

    But…who cares about my opinion…

    Im hungry now.

    Ps-great show guys…ohhhhh…and dont call me a fanboy please…call me MeatloafxXx…which is like a FanBoy but ten times more hardcore :P

  11. g-dub says:


  12. Ffoley says:

    the show is great – I didn’t quite make it to the very end of 36 originally probably coz my internet couldn’t cope. I went back to 36 after hearing about this in 37. Honestly (and I wouldn’t have said this if sh1t hadn’t kicked off) I thought that submitted content was pretty lame and deserved to be rejected. I couldn’t listen to it.

    Back to basics is cool with me 37 was another great episode.

  13. Darkstar says:

    Playerz gotta play, Haterz gotta hate!!

    Redpop Faygo for everyone!!

    If they can’t take a fuck, joke ‘em!!!

    Other meaningless phase inserted “here”

    Zlurpcast RULZ!!

  14. Jonny P says:

    Who’s goin chicken huntin?!

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