Zlurpcast #37 – Aug 2012


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Zlurpcast #37 – Aug 2012

So the ongoing theme of this episode is Back to the Basics…. this is our FOURTH YEAR of Zlurpcast and we’d like to thank all of our fans for coming along for the ride! We’ve taken into account the varying degrees of feedback we’ve gotten the past year and decided to make a few tweaks to the format. More details about that in this episode along with full coverage of Put a Ring on It 2 where we hear from the coaches of Da 40 Miners and the Nippon Super Samurai about their epic showdown. We preview GenCon Bowl, bring back Poet’s Corner, and get a call from everyone’s favorite Chaos Dwarf Star Player. And of course we’ve got a contest winner to announce! Ride that Zlurpcast train into year 4 with us…


7 Responses to “Zlurpcast #37 – Aug 2012”

  1. Nick says:

    Congratulations on 4 years!

  2. Jonny P says:

    Thanks Nick…. we are older, wiser, and not really much better at this goofy little board game!

  3. Axtklinge says:

    Well done guys!
    Thank you for taking the trouble and time to let us have some seriously fun hours listening about our favourite (goofy board) game!

  4. Congratulations to both for 4 years of fun…i can never forget that interview with Baconbreath :)

  5. Jonny P says:

    Baconbreath will return one day!

  6. rowdykatie says:

    I deserved extra casualties for helping JP win…

  7. Coach says:

    As a listener who doesn’t really enjoy the Star Player interviews, a whole show of one sounds unbearable.

    I can easily skip that episode though if you go through with it.

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