Zlurpcast #40 – Nov 2012


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Zlurpcast #40 – Nov 2012

Apologies right away to Chris Engler, aka Wapcaplets. We had him on for Go For It and around the 1:12 mark in the episode I must have bumped up his volume levels to hear better and it caused some heavy feedback (good band name) so I had to cut some of it. He did get the MVP question correct, and his GFI star player roll was a 12 and Strength increased on his Underworld Goblin! He also talked more about his tournament Blingtoof’s Gitbash on November 10-11, 2012. Make it a point to go if you are on the fence… he puts on a great show! Also featured in this episode is full coverage from Underworld Cup 2012 where Team Main Guy took on Team Other Guy… find out which of us came out on top – and yes, like that. Lastly, we brought back Inside the Dugout but in a revised format that many will enjoy. Here’s a hint, we like to talk about ourselves….check it out son!


5 Responses to “Zlurpcast #40 – Nov 2012”

  1. Rewslaun says:

    Great Episode guys.

    Jonny, have you considered using magnets with multiple arm options for your Chaos team? I haven’t done it for a full team but its worked well with my Chaos Pact Ogre. It’s a lot easier to paint half a dozen mutated arms then it is to paint additional mutated models.

  2. Jonny P says:

    That’s a great idea that I have thought about but never actually pulled it off. Got any pics of the Chaos Ogre?

  3. Mohgreen says:

    SPR Bacon Wrapped was a blast :D And FYI it was regular hotdogs wrapped in Bacon. Much Love must be given to the Home made hot sauces that were supplied for the dogs as well.

  4. Rewslaun says:

    The ogre hasn’t been painted yet so it isn’t much to look at. Story of my blood bowl life…I own 17 teams and only 4 are painted.

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