1.50 – Zlurpee Bowl

1.50 – Zlurpee Bowl

I’m 50!  We like to kick, block, and dodge!  Jonny P and Xtreme are proud to show off the nerdboners caused by having 50 episodes of Zlurpcast in the books.  They will discuss the trip to Both Down country for Orclahoma Bowl, a new idea for the podcast challenge, and talk about why Zlurpee Bowl X is going to be an awesome weekend.  You know a 50th episode couldn’t be complete without discussion of GoBots, yes GoBots, as well as the classic 80’s underreated hit among switcharoo movies, Vice Versa.

0:00:00 Intro/Left/Rivet Wars/Selling shit
0:07:17 Current painting/modelling projects
0:10:03 Toys
0:15:22 Current painting/modelling projects continued
0:19:38 Orclahoma Bowl
0:22:42 Podcast Challenge Re-revisited
0:30:42 Orclahoma Bowl continued
0:45:58 Zlurpee Bowl X
1:11:47 Upcoming stuff/bullshit


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