1.51 – Dub Bowl

1.51 – Dub Bowl

Jonny P was left in Orclahoma, so Fan Favorite G-Dub takes over hosting duties and keeps Xtreme firmly planted into cohost/hotseat duties.  First half of the episode talks about Orclahoma Bowl and Spiky Cup (including Da 40 Miners vs DC Reptoids rapi..I mean, matchup).  The 2nd half is G-Dub and Xtreme giving each other stats and skills as if they were Blood Bowl players.  Please don’t listen.

Also a few notes from Mr. Dubinsky “orlahombowls, spikynormans, gdub 1 cactus sacks 0, skeeball balls, fatfinleypisscam, ties are for pussies, sideways rapin, merican rights, bluffkin, kraft, fellas, GOBs, pubes, J.A.R.V.I.S., stick man, B2 touched the gijoes, sororororites, garfields, black prostitues and heroin, you are a leader — your welcomsh, detlef shrempfs, roshambosh, and this guy combo plus three fo, this guy combo plus three six, this guy combo, your guys dead. whutupshun.”



2 Responses to “1.51 – Dub Bowl”

  1. AbraxiS says:

    I muthafukking missed you G-Dub bro dude…whutupshun :)

  2. Joe Lawquoter says:

    G-Dub…remember what I told you…if it don’t fit, you gotta quit. And don’t fukkaup our shlipnfall beyotch.

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