1.55 – Mantic Games Talk

1.55 – Mantic Games Talk

Doosh Nozzlin’ almost 3 hours yo! Full coverage of Friday thru Sunday at Zlurpee Bowl X, plus Chopper Pat from Mantic talks Dreadball, Deadzone, Kings of War, Warpath, Mars Attacks, upcoming Kickstarters like Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest…and even reveals how Ronnie at Mantic came up with the idea for Dreadball (and hopes of Sci-Fi bumper cars). The episode closes out with a G-Dub classic rock cover. Sorry for the P poppin. Main Guy’s mic was limp.

00:00:00 Intro / BB Podcast talk
00:15:02 Zlurpee Bowl X Friday
00:24:45 Zlurpee Bowl X Saturday
01:08:42 Zlurpee Bowl X Sunday intro
01:10:38 Blood Bowl Nerdery Mainstream Descriptions
01:14:47 Zlurpee Bowl X Sunday continued
01:54:31 Chopper Pat talks Mantic Games
02:33:47 Closing Bullshit
02:40:33 We Are The Muhfuh Champench



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