1.59 – Blood Bowl Star Player Interviews

1.59 – Blood Bowl Star Player Interviews


This episode is a collection of clips from Star Player interviews in the old days.  We’ve heard from several people recently that it would be cool to hear these in one episode, especially from the newer fans that didn’t get a chance first time around.  Some longtime Zlurpcast listeners don’t want to hear old material.  No problem.  I checked with iTunes, pulled a few strings, and they have indicated that this episode is now set to OPTIONAL to listen to. Weird this means. Episode 60 will return with coverage of the fall and winter tournaments!  Right on indeed!

00:00:25 Griff Oberwald
00:05:20 Puggy Baconbreath
00:07:13 Hubris Rakarth
00:10:21 Mighty Zug
00:17:05 Greaser Geargrinder
00:19:58 Count Luthor
00:21:35 Brick Farth & Grotty
00:25:24 Cromnard Dung
00:28:37 Hoshi Komi
00:31:48 Barik Farblast
00:33:31 Lucky Luc
00:36:34 Bertha Bigfist
00:38:24 Grim Ironjaw
00:41:46 Al U. Minium
00:46:07 Morg N Thorg
00:50:22 Helmut Wulf



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