1.65 – Da Gof Rockerz


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1.65 – Da Gof Rockerz

We’ve waited a long time to get our buddy Ted, aka Wurr Zagskull of Da Gof Rockerz, to be on our show. Now is the time, and we’re debuting their latest single, the song ‘Blood Bowl’, on the episode. Find out from Ted all the planning that went into this song, including how Jonny P and Xtreme got on the song with cameos as announcers Gob and Grim. If that wasn’t metal enough for Zlurp Nation, we also have full results and coverage from the epic day which was Headbangers Ball V, plus a pre-preview of Xtreme’s legendary 2-day tournament, Zlurpee Bowl, now in it’s 11th year! Listen loud if you dig giving yourself boners. ¬†Get the song on limited edition SAW BLADE (pic) right here yo….special dillies if you want their other CD(eez) too.

00:00:00 Intro to Ep65 w/Ted
00:02:54 Blood Bowl (the song) by Da Gof Rockerz
00:07:07 Inside the Dugout: Ted Interview
00:32:37 Tournament Graveyard: Headbangers Ball V
00:51:27 Around the Old World: Zlurpee Bowl XI
01:18:37 Closing & Dumb Shit



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  1. Johnny Rockstar says:

    Johnny Rockstar does NOT play the horn, but thanks anyway. Great show per the norm fellas. Can’t wait for Headbangers 666

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