1.68 – Soler Power

1.68 – Soler Power

So Games Workshop wants to revive Specialist Games, including Blood Bowl huh? We’ll discuss it in one of our THREE Good Dwarf Bad Dwarf revivals. Underworld Cup is discussed in the Tournament Graveyard segment, and Roze Bowl and Moosey Jingle Ball in Around the Old World. Plus, learn sex habits from the Beatles and the need to send Juggalos to war.  24 is the highest number, so not sure how we made it to 68.

00:00:00 First and Foremost: Drivers, Glick, Quirks, Jobu, Rwise From Your Gwrave, and other RRBSS
00:10:45 Game Tournaments in general, Megadeth Break-Up lines, and show preview
00:17:03 Tournament Graveyard: Underworld Cup, World Cup
00:29:45 Around the Old World: GLaCS (like Glocks, get it) Roze Bowl, Moosey Jingle Bowl
00:37:03 Good Dwarf Bad Dwarf 1: New Teams (pre-Specialist Games time travel)
00:47:11 Good Dwarf Bad Dwarf 2: Specialist G ames Revival
01:02:41 Good Dwarf Bad Dwarf 3: Variety Tournaments
01:09:36 Beatles talk
01:13:53 Cork Soakers and Wrap up



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  1. Matt Vanderby says:

    I like the good dwarf / bad dwarf talks. I am all for adjusting the rules. It might shatter the community, but if it is not changed drastically it should come around in time. Would play either format though. New teams are welcome as well. The NAF standings have to be taken loosely. Races, coaches, and skill sets put way to much of a variable on how the game plays to take it seriously. I like the game for those reasons. There is always a chance no matter the coach or team. If it was to much like Chess I probably wouldn’t like the game as much.

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