ZTZ – League Journey


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ZTZ – League Journey

Shawn and Nathan expand on the discussion started on League Management to discuss league venues, house rules, costs, and how to make that transition between league play and tournament play. Find out some tips, or what not-to-do sometimes….with their BABBL updates with Bretonnian and Lizardman teams. Make sure to VOTE on what Team/Race they should cover on their next episode. Lastly, if you have any questions for the ZTZ boys, just send an email to zlurpcast@gmail.com and Xtreme will make sure it gets to them. ¬†Other Guy Filter!


6 Responses to “ZTZ – League Journey”

  1. Onikuma says:

    Skinks with general access… hmmm

  2. fatfinley says:

    Good job guys!

    #1- I know their is league software out there somewhere (BABBL?), can you tell us where to find it and how much we should expect it to cost us.

    #2- Is there software for Tournaments? Where would we obtain that?

  3. Nathan says:

    Hey Finley,

    There are a few options out there for both. I only know one or two off the top of my head. I’ll do some checking about and drop some details in the podcast next month to share that info with all our listeners. (all three of them! ;-) )

    Also, on another topic entirely, I want to clarify my wonderful co-hosts slur on my Norse ability in tourney’s, my tourney record with them is 7/3/5. Not fantastic but far from, what was the term Shawn used? Diabolical or something like that.

  4. Coach says:


    The best league management software is probably OBBLM. It is completely free and you can either host it on your own web hosting or get your league added to http://www.stuntyleeg.com and just use the installation on there. The project website is http://code.google.com/p/obblm/

    For tournament software (I assume you mean NAF weekend table top affairs) then you want to get a copy of SCORE, again free. http://www.jorisdormans.nl/article.php?ref=score

  5. Big Mill says:

    Love your work guys. Quick question: Now that we have an Australian based Zlurpcast, does this mean you guys will finally get around to organising a tournament and host an Australian Zlurpee Bowl?

  6. Jonny P says:

    I would love if this happened!

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