ZTZ – Vampires


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ZTZ – Vampires

Whether it’s Spike or Angel, Bill Compton or Eric, or those two jerkoffs from Twilight (are they both even Vampires?), whatever the case…..Vampires on the Blood Bowl pitch can be quite intimidating. Both when coaching them due to their negative skills, and as an opponent with them looking madly into your players eyes and driving the boys mad! The Tactic Zoners break down the Vampire roster, what skills to take, and how to use them in league play.


2 Responses to “ZTZ – Vampires”

  1. Olmus says:

    Took a bit of a break from Blood Bowl, but this was the team I was waiting to hear about most! Nothing to do with my friends team being vampires, of course.

  2. DOH! says:

    Listen to this if you whant to know how not play vampires. These guys have no idea how to play vamps.

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