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About Us


Zlurpcast Studios started in humble beginnings inside of Bryan's garage in 2009. He met JP at a Blood Bowl tournaments and they hit it off.

They started a podcast about Blood Bowl that evolved into many other topics including covering other tabletop games.


In 2017, JP and Bryan decided to take their notebooks filled with random game concepts and turn them into a reality. 

Having a very supportive base of Zlurpcast listeners helped to get the first game, Death Path, off the ground.

What's Next?

Being both Game Designers and Game Publishers affords Bryan and JP to not only work on their own game concepts, but also to help like-minded designers get their games published.

Stay tuned for the next project, a Wild West themed board game with a strong narrative focus.

Behind the Scenes

In our first "Behind the Scenes" episode from May 2017, Jonny P and Xtreme discuss their upcoming Death Path Kickstarter and what you can expect from this not-so-dynamic duo.

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