Death Path - Coming Soon

To get a feel for the theme and setting, check out our Kickstarter video produced by Bryce and the fine folks at We Make Games.

What is Death Path?

Survive the Maze

Death Path is a card & dice game set in a dystopian near future in which Subjects are forced to navigate through a fearsome maze. Stay in the loop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Choose Your Subject

Mizzy Pazzone, the ex-cheerleader martial arts expert, and Zo Joxxer, the former 5-sport star athlete are the Subjects in the box set. More to be released!

Unboxing Video

Sample received from our friends at Ningbo Eastar Games. Get a look at the box, cards, dice, and other game components* here!

*cat only included in first 100 copies  

Gameplay Video

See how the game plays with our original prototype copy. JP uses Subject Zo Joxxer and Heather uses Subject Mizzy Pazzone.

Find out who had to sleep on the couch that night.

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